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Help Your Employees – Join Them at the Best Alcohol Detox Center

Are you running an office that employs people who are chronically addicted to alcohol? You might have noticed your office parties ending up in some form of trouble after your employees lose control. One the other hand, you can’t just fire away those people too. You need them, you have invested in their training, their skills and more. What you can do is help them get out of their addiction by joining them in the best alcohol detox center. By doing so, you are saving a lot on your workforce in the long run.

Most Companies Have EAPs – Do You Have One?

It is normal for companies to open Employee Assistance Programs to help their employees in times of their need. This program will help cover their employees’ personal issues like substance abuse, stress, physical or emotional abuse at home, or any other issue that may interfere with their productivity at work. Through these programs the company can provide counseling to its employees, refer them to detox centers, rehab centers, and sober homes, or even speak to their families to provide support to them. If you don’t have an EAP in your company, it would be better if you start one and include your employees in it.

Your Help Can Save You a Good Worker

Through the EAPs, you can save your employees who are addicted to alcohol. You can contact a rehab center or even a detox center and fix up a treatment plan for them. You can even adjust the work schedule to help them get back to work after their recovery. Now, you might ask why go to such lengths to save people from their problems? The truth is, your company grows as good as your employees grow. If you invest in their well-being, they will invest their work in your company. You saving their life will lead to a lifelong commitment from their behalf.

A Good Detox Will Set Them Straight

From Briarwood Detox Center, we have tied up with a lot of MNCs and Insurance companies to provide detox services to their employees when needed. You can talk with our admissions representative for the EAPs and enroll your employees for a thorough detox. Briarwood holds the reputation as the best alcohol detox center in Austin, Texas. Your employees will have a fresh start after they come here.

Enjoy Increased Productivity After Your Staffs Return

Once they complete the detox at our center, they will also go through therapies, counseling, and other allied treatments. These will help them get their alcohol addiction in control. The process takes between 4 to 7 days and you won’t feel your employee missing through those days. You can even send them for a luxury alcohol detox where they can enjoy better stay and amenities. They will get back to you fully recharged, hungry for work, and loyal to you too. With the urgent care from Briarwood Detox Center, you will get everything you need to be free of all kinds of addictions.

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