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How to Advertise your Business

Once you have done all the work to get your company up and running, the first question that small business owners are faced with is how to get their product in front of their customers and start reeling in the sales. Even the best business ideas need a marketing strategy. We show you what you can do to advertise your business from Day One. 

Guest Posts

Look for blogs on websites that reach out to a similar audience to your target market. Ask the owner if you can write a guest post on their site. There are two advantages to this strategy. Firstly, you will get traffic to your own website. Secondly, it will improve your search engine optimization (SEO). Choose a topic that is suitable for the guest site and your own website.

Affiliate Marketing

Find affiliates to promote your service or product on their blogs. The affiliate gets commission every time a customer uses their link to buy from you. The commission could be a flat rate or a percentage. This allows both partners to make money. Travel and retail businesses use affiliate marketing the most frequently. 


Get a professional to design an infographic for your product. The cost will depend on how skilled this person is. 

Choosing the right message is important and should be aligned to your company values. If your infographic is catching and has a useful message and statistics, news sites and blogs may want to use it on their websites and will create a link back to you.  

Radio advertising

If you pick a radio station that caters to a large audience, including members of your target market, you can get a commercial message out to them. A good choice is the Howard Stern Show; Howard Stern show advertisers can have their ads read out on a live show, have a brand spot lasting thirty seconds to a minute during a live show, use a cheaper option that is not live, or have the ad re-read for the price of a brand spot. With millions of fans listening to his show, you can’t go wrong. Although this is a more costly option, it does provide instant credibility.

Press Coverage

The beauty of press coverage is that it is free. You will have to have a product that people will talk about or a fantastic story about your business. Get in touch with a journalist and go for this option. Put together a press release package and send it to publications that suit your market.

Email Marketing

Start building your email list on social media and your website by offering a free pdf, discount coupon, or another incentive. Once you have a sizeable list, start sending promotions to make sales and content emails to cement the relationship. Studies show that email marketing has great returns – $42 for every dollar you invest. 


SEO attracts highly motivated customers. They use the matching keywords that take them to your website via their search engine. Their location tracking will bring them to the suppliers of the item they are looking for that is nearest to them, so it is great for getting consumers to your physical store too. 

These suggestions will point you in the right direction and get your marketing off to a fruitful start.

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