Why do NGOs need help?


Non-government organizations, commonly known as NGOs, do play a major role in making this world a better place. From India to the United States of America, these organisations do play a major role in helping those who need it the most. Not just humans, animals, trees and other natural parts of this world do get … Read more

Thunder Rosa: Bio, Age, AEW, Partner

Thunder Rosa

Thunder Rosa is a well-known personality in the world of professional wrestling. However, her real name is Melissa Cervantes. However, she is known as TS due to her in-ring persona at All Elite Wrestling (AEW). It did take a lot for her to reach the top level. However, she did it with a great level … Read more

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr: Bio, Father, Cristiano Ronaldo Son

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr is a famous son of a world-famous father. His dad Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most famous football players ever. CRJ was born on 17 June 2010 in San Diego, California, United States. As his father is Portuguese, Ronaldo Jr does have his father’s nationality. However, he lived his childhood in … Read more

Becky Sauerbrunn: Bio, Age, Boyfriend, Footballer

Becky Sauerbrunn

Becky Sauerbrunn is indeed a legend of football (soccer). There are not many football players in the women’s division who can match the class of Sauerbrunn. She does have the looks of models and the class of a classical football player. The very reason indeed makes her cut above the rest in a way. Her … Read more

Kendra Harrison: Bio, Age, Net Worth, US Athlete

Kendra Harrison

Kendra Harrison is indeed not a super famous athlete – but she is a very famous name in her world which is the field of hurdlers. Being a track and field athlete, it is her aroma which does captivate several people to join her to make a statement. Hence, we have seen a lot of … Read more