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Mr Incredible Meme: Ideas, Jokes, Funny, Happy

One of our favourite childhood television film series was no other than “The Incredibles” featuring a family of five members, where each of them had unique powers. The movies of this franchise was so popular it became a culture. The movies were genuinely good, engaging, packed of action and humor. The leader of this supernatural family was “Mr incredible.” There is a funny expression given by Mr Incredible, in which he looks very traumatized and uncanny. It took no time for this distinctive animated shot to become a meme template which was used on a variety of random funny things.

IMPACT OF THIS Mr Incredible Meme

The origin of this meme was actually Youtube. In December of 2021, a famous Youtuber posted a meme on his channel using this meme panel and it received an astonishing 60 thousand views in just a span of 10 days. When the same meme was reposted again on a Facebook page, it was shared 3800 times in less than five days. This meme has spread more joy and laughter than any other Disney animated meme template. To summarize, this meme became an important part of the meme culture and still holds its place.


This is a two panel format in which Mr Incredible goes from. This first panel shows Mr Incredible as smiling and happy and the second panel shows him as uncanny, strange and frightening.

  • Mr Incredible Happy : A little bit of water in milk

Mr Incredible Traumatized : A little bit of milk in water

  • Mr Incredible Happy : My instagram feed when I’m alone

Mr Incredible Traumatized : My instagram feed when I’m around people

  • Mr Incredible Happy : When there’s soft in crunchy

Mr Incredible Traumatized : When there’s crunchy in soft

  • Mr Incredible Happy : The worst she can say is No

Mr Incredible Traumatized : “Ew go away from me”

  • Mr Incredible Happy : How I look in the mirror

Mr Incredible Traumatized : How I look in real life

  • Mr Incredible Happy : Bananas when I buy them at the store

Mr Incredible Traumatized : Bananas when I get home

  • Mr Incredible Happy : Chew gum’s taste when your first chew it

Mr Incredible Traumatized : Its taste 20 minutes later

  • Mr Incredible Happy : Your neighbors finally stop arguing

Mr Incredible Traumatized : You hear a gunshot

  • Mr Incredible Happy : Horror movies in 2017

Mr Incredible Traumatized : Cartoon horror movies in 1976

  • Mr Incredible Happy : Watching a kid napping.

Mr Incredible Traumatized : Watching a kidnapping.

Mr Incredible Meme


Sharing memes are slowly becoming an important aspect of our lives. Social media or Internet without memes would be as empty as a fish tank without fishes. Memes started off as just a time pass, true. But looking at today’s timeline, memes have become so mainstream and popular. Laughing from the bottom of our heart is the one instant and free solution that can help us fight depression / anxiety and make us relaxed. We all have our problems, different people, different problems. We are all fighting our own demons inside. Watching memes, getting happiness from sharing memes allows us to lighten up our mood and elevate our dopamine levels. Memes have the capacity to serve mental problems

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