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Hajime No IPPO Manga: Ideas, Bio, Looks, Creative

The Hajime no Ippo Manga (the first step) is a Japanese boxing theme-based manga series, and it was written and illustrated by the George Morikawa. This manga has also been serialized by Kodansha in a weekly Shonen magazine since the year 1989 and got collected in over 123 tankobon (it is Japanese term for book that is not a part of an anthology or corpus) to date. Hajime no Ippo follows the story of a high school student Makunouchi Ippo, and he begins his career in the field of boxing and over the time he obtained many titles and also defeats various opponents.

Some More Details About Hajime No Ippo Manga:

Hajime no Ippo is a 76 episodes anime series adaptation which was produced by the madhouse and aired on Nippon TV from the year October 2000 to March 2022. The television film of this manga and an original video animation (OVA) were released in the year 2003. Its second series which is titled as Hajime no ippo: New challenger was aired from January to June in the year 2009. And later its third series also premiered which is titled as Hajime no Ippo: Rising was aired from the year October 2013 to the March 2014.

The first series, including the television film was licensed by the Genon in North America in the year 2003, which got released under the name fighting spirit. This was also re-licensed by the Discotek media in the year 2020, which includes the original video animation and the television film.

As of the year till November 2019, the Hajime no Ippo manga had over 96 million copies in the print and making it one of the best-selling manga series. And in the year 1991 this manga had won the 15th Kodansha manga award in the Shonen category.

A Brief Summary Of Hajime No IPPO: Manga

Makunouchi ippo has got bullied through his entire life which makes him feel very depressed and unworthy. He was extremely very shy high school student and is unable to make friends because he is always busy in helping his mother to run their family fishing charter business. Constantly running task and he also being beaten up by his classmates, Makunouchi has always dreamt of changing himself, but never got passion to act upon this. One day, in the middle of another bullying, Makunouchi got saved by Takamura Mamoru, who has happened to be a boxer. Makunouchi got faint from his injuries and is brought to the Takamura’s boxing gym to recover. As Makunouchi regain the consciousness, he got awed and amazed by the surrounding in the gym, though lacks the confidence to attempt anything. Takamura attached the photos of the Makunouchi classmates on the punching bag and forces Ippo to punch it.

A Note

This is the only way through that Makunouchi feels something anger inside it and he eventually asks Takamura to train him in boxing. Takamura thinking that Makunouchi does not have what it takes, So, he decided to give Ippo a task which seems to be impossible and gives him a time limit of one week. With a sudden desire to get powerful and stronger, for his hardworking mother and himself, Makunouchi trains himself relentlessly to achieve the task with a given time limit. By this hard work the Makunouchi ippos’s journey begins in world of boxing.

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