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Good Night Meme: Jokes, Fun, Love, Creative

Animals meme template: GOOD NIGHT MEME

There are huge following for the animals and their cute expressions in the meme world. Cats, dogs, puppies, even cows and horses are used for the meme templates. The most funniest expression of animals and funny texts can change the whole context of the memes. There is no back history for such photos of animals posing like this, because we dono that the animals don’t pose for photos and they just were in a video and at a particular moment, user pauses and screenshots that face. In twitter or social media, it then just starts circulating with a good amount of creativity from the memers. There is no problem with that because people take it in a very funny way and they don’t mishandle them as they are just cute animals and some people even photoshop the faces to make it even more funnier.


Celebrity meme template: GOOD NIGHT MEME

There are many Hollywood, political and movie templates of the celebrities that are used for such funny incidents. From the former US President Trump, Barack Obama to Hollywood celebrities like Robert Downey Jr, people use funny expressions. Sometimes, during interviews, movie launches, the celebrities do give funny expressions, but sometimes with usage of photoshops as well. There is heavy chance of being mishandling of celebrity;s faces and with photoshop people do use that in sometimes a very too much fashion.

Movie meme template

Most of the memes are used from the movie scenes and paused at the exact moment to extract that funny expression. With addition of texts on that screenshot, the context sometimes changes completely. But yet the funnyinese remains intact and the creativity of the people’s ideas are on display. Yes, there are manya times that the emotional scenes of movies are changed completely and make it very funny, losing the importance or impact of that particular scene.

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