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How to Motivate Your Team to Drive Sales Growth

A sales team’s primary goal is to drive sales growth and increase company revenue by implementing effective strategies, closing deals, and boosting customer retention. External factors you cannot control like market conditions, competitor pricing, and consumer purchasing power can all hinder your sales team’s motivation to drive sales growth. The good news is you can control internal factors to inspire growth, including salary, level of teamwork, and available resources.

Your sales team’s motivation affects your company’s overall productivity and culture, so providing your team with the tools and resources to keep them engaged is important. Consider the following strategies to motivate your sales team to drive sales growth.

Set Daily, Weekly & Monthly Goals

Each employee functions in a different way. Some sales team members may need consistent reminders through daily or weekly goals to stay motivated, while a monthly quota achievement may drive others. Consider setting different types of goals daily, weekly, and monthly to help your team thrive and perform their best and incentivize goal attainment to motivate your team at different levels of achievement.

Daily goals could involve short-term actions to keep the team motivated, such as a minimum number of calls to make. Weekly goals are powerful tools for ensuring near-term accountability, including sending a specific number of emails by the end of the week. Lastly, monthly goals are more focused and attainable objectives that your sales team must achieve within four weeks. For example, a monthly goal could be closing five deals or completing sales worth $5,000.

Let Your Team Pick Their Rewards

No one knows your team better than they know themselves, so letting them pick their rewards may be beneficial. You can list potential rewards, such as a bonus, paid days off, or introduction to a prospective client. Ask your team to vote anonymously and pick the reward with the most votes. Alternatively, the rewards could be different for each team member based on their personal choice. Consider offering it immediately to boost motivation, no matter the reward type. Research has found that earlier rewards increase intrinsic motivation, interest, and task enjoyment.

Letting your team pick their rewards will motivate them to efficiently complete their task and make an effort to drive sales. It will also show your team that your value their efforts and opinions, reducing staff turnover.

Identify Areas That Need Improvement

Sales professionals sometimes fail to move forward if they don’t have the tools and resources to succeed. You may need to update sales processes and change key tasks depending on your business needs. Take the time to talk to your team and observe which methods work and which ones need improvement. For instance, the tools your team currently uses to communicate with customers or other team members may not be efficient. You can introduce new tools to enhance collaboration, as this can help them better perform their tasks to drive sales growth.  

One common area that may need improvement is the distribution of workload. If your team is overwhelmed with unrealistic goals or expectations, they will likely be less productive. It’s important to be mindful when distributing tasks to your team and look for ways to delegate tasks carefully. 

A great way to balance the workload is by adding new members to the team when necessary. When your company grows, so do its needs, which means it may be time to expand your team. Work with a reputable recruitment agency to hire sales talent in New York City and add top talent to your team. Creating a larger team can help your current sales team feel more valued when they have a better work-life balance and other team members to rely on.

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