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Check List for Your Ford Models

Ford vehicles are generally reliable, requiring minimal repairs. However, all cars have components that must be replaced over time as part of a routine maintenance schedule. For example, a battery has a limited life span and will eventually wear out. When that time comes, use this checklist to find the correct replacement battery. 

Recommendations for a Ford Battery

There are several approaches to finding the correct battery for your vehicle. The first approach is to look at your owner’s manual for information about what size and terminal orientation your car requires. This is important since each vehicle has a slightly different setup. You may also be able to find this on the current battery. However, be careful about relying on information unless you still have the original factory-installed part.

One of those methods may work to locate your vehicle part numbers. However, if you still can’t find the information you need, you can also perform a VIN number lookup. You can do this online or ask an associate at the auto parts store to help. 

Alternator Replacement

Batteries were out over time. However, your Ford’s alternator should keep it charged for many years before that happens. If you notice that your battery needs to be replaced after a short time, or if you have trouble even after charging it, it could be a faulty alternator. 

Replacing an alternator is pretty straightforward for someone mechanically inclined, and doing the job yourself can help you save a significant amount on the cost to replace alternator. However, it is a good idea to consult with a qualified auto mechanic if you are unsure about whether your alternator is bad or have questions about the replacement process.

Care for Battery Terminals

Battery terminals also need care. If battery terminals are in poor condition, your car may not get enough current to start despite the battery being charged. 

Be sure to visually inspect them whenever you service the vehicle. If they are dirty or showing signs of corrosion, use an approved cleaner to remove any grease, dirt, and debris. Then, add a layer of grease to limit corrosion and improve the connection between the termainls and clamps.

Similar steps can be taken to keep a new battery in top shape. For example, when you install a replacement battery in your Ford car or truck, it’s a good idea to also grease the terminals to slow corrosion and contamination. 

Wires and Connections

Battery cables connect to the terminals with clamps. Both components must be clean and in good condition to perform their jobs. You can verify this by doing a quick visual check. Any dirt, debris, or corrosion could be causing problems with your battery. Additionally, the writes should be free from nicks and cuts for proper and safe operation. 

Cars rely on quality batteries for everything from starting to operating complex electronics. Whether you need a replacement battery for Ford Focus or an Expedition, enter your VIN at an online auto parts store to see the correct parts to keep it running smoothly. 

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