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Cleopatra Nails: Ideas, Looks, Creative, Magical

Nails are similar to canvases, they can be designed, drawn on, painted and articulately presented like art and paintings. And thus, just like paintings they too have different inspirations, may it be clouds, the trees, astrophysics and many other. The muse for the same can be anyone or anything. Building on the same grounds, the cleopatra nails are inspired by the mighty cleopatra.

Who was Cleopatra?: Cleopatra Nails

Firstly, in order to understand the designs inspired by cleopatra, it’s essential to know who Cleopatra is. 

Cleopatra was the last ruler of the dynasty of Macedonian rulers which was founded by Ptolemy. She was an Egyptian ruler loaded with cunningness and sass.

Cleopatra is also very popular because of her relationships with Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. She was not only rich in terms of physical beauty, but she was also blessed with high level of education and intelligence. Cleopatra was a great pharaoh, she made prudential decisions and thus even all of her love interests were political allies. She is known for immense beauty, and also as symbol of richness- since she was the queen, class and coyness. 

Cleopatra Nails: Looks

Looking about the brief history and persona of cleopatra it can be safely derived as to what kind of nails make their place in this category. Cleopatra nails are gilded and bejewelled, with glitter and metallic looks, different stone pieces and ornaments. 

Cleopatra Nails
Best of Cleopatra Nails

These nails too reflect the rich history of Egypt and Cleopatra herself. 

Different patterns and designs 

Cleopatra nails have different intensity and detailing too. Starting with something basic and even doing justice to the gilded and metallic nails, the nails are a set of designs wherein the nails are painted with matte colours and some with gold/ bronze metallic affects, using gilded stones on the nails. These nails easily are recognisable as Egypt inspired in general and truly makes one stand out.

Another set of designs include elating the nails with different objects, symbols and figures which are distinctly associated with Egypt, the Pharaohs ad Cleopatra ultimately. These things include Egyptian manuscripts, mummy’s, the world famous eyeliner applied by the Egyptian rulers and jewellery of course. Usage of golden nail paint and glitter is heavily used in such nails to reflect the riches of the country and of that era.

Now, there are always sets of artists who out grow others in terms of details and the artistic perspective. Cleopatra nails has a stream of designs where the artists or technicians set the base of the nail and then on it create impressions and pictures of Cleopatra herself. Though there are no real pictures of Cleopatra from that era but some popularised paintings and even coins are used as subjects. 

The last but not the least (for sure) kind of Cleopatra nails is the branch where the nail art make excellent use of gel/ acrylic nails. A thick layer of gel is applied and then set of jewelleries or golden ornaments are fit into the nail shape – on the cuticles especially; then it is fixed with addition of clear gel and topping the nail off with top coats. 

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