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What sports fans need to know before traveling to the US in 2023

Sport is part of the culture in the United States, with millions of players competing from the youth ranks to the professional game. America is famous for its love of football, basketball, baseball, and hockey, but there’s also soccer, tennis, esports, and many others. And with some of the world’s most famous teams, no trip is complete without a visit to at least one of the stunning sporting arenas.

Many sports fans like to enhance their US trip by attending a fixture from the NFL, NBA, or NHL. When watching games live on television and seeing the crowd at capacity, you’d be surprised how many fans aren’t American citizens. US sport draws an international crowd, and with the nation finally lifting its long-running and unpopular ban on sports betting, there are now more reasons than ever before to visit.

Have you booked your trip stateside yet? 2023 is the perfect time to plan a visit, as some important sports fixtures are on the calendar, including UFC fight nights in Las Vegas. For spectators intrigued by the raw intensity and strategic maneuvers of these athletes, the thrill of a live match is incomparable; with UFC Tickets, you can experience the adrenaline pumping action up close, contributing to the global community that supports and cherishes this demanding sport. But you must tread carefully if you plan to couple your stadium visit with a bet on the outcome. The rules regarding gambling in New York are different from laws regarding sports betting in Texas. Betting in one could be perfectly legal, while trying to gamble in another city could land you prison time or a hefty fine.

We’ll keep you right

As the laws and rules on betting differ from state to state, many holidaymakers may decide to leave their smartphones and betting accounts at home. And who could blame them? Treading a fine line with the rules and opinions changing almost daily is no fun. But you shouldn’t let that put you off getting the most from your trip.

We have enlisted the help of an online betting expert who explains what you can and can’t do when betting in the United States. This article aims to help readers and sports fans stay on the right side of the law when traveling across the states. One trick will guarantee you always have the latest information regarding online gambling, and we’ll share that with you shortly.

To help declutter the page and ensure you can find the answers that best suit your case, we’ve organized our report into a frequently asked questions style. Find the question that is the closest match to yours or read the entire page to build your experience and knowledge.

Can I bet in the US?

Unfortunately, this is more complex than providing a yes or no answer. The United States government lifted the ban on betting in 2018, but gambling could not be forced on every state. Each state now has the decision on whether or not to legalize online sportsbook betting.

Some moved quickly, paving the way for citizens and visitors to place bets, while others were happy to stick with the rules that had served them well previously. The regulations on betting change from city to city and state to state. You must check the latest laws on betting before traveling to an area.

Is it OK to use an overseas bookie?

Suppose betting is illegal in a state you are visiting but legal in your city. Does that mean you can bet? Certainly not, and no effort should be made to use an overseas bookmaker to gamble. Attempting to do so could land you in a heap of trouble. 

Always respect the laws of the land. That way, you won’t risk causing upset or attracting unwanted attention from the police. If you download a mobile betting app to your smartphone and enable location services, the device will automatically show if you’re in an area where betting is legal or illegal.

How do I get a free bet?

The best legal sports betting apps in the United States offer all new players a welcome bonus. This is a promotion used by a bookie to help them stand out from the crowd in a highly competitive market.

The most popular welcome bonus is a deposit-matched free bet. When you register, deposit, and place your first bet, the bookie will give you a free bet equal to your stake.

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