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5 Practical Things To Add To Your Kitchen

Having the right tools in your kitchen is essential for cooking a delicious meal. But there are certain items that can make life easier, and you may not even realize how much of a difference they can make. So let’s get started and see what useful items should be added to your kitchen today!

Here are five practical things to consider adding to your kitchen with a splashback at the forefront:

1- Kitchen Splashbacks

Adding kitchen splashbacks is a great way to make your kitchen look sleek, modern, and inviting. Splashbacks provide a waterproof barrier between your walls and the cooking areas of your kitchen, making it easy to clean up spills without any damage.

Plus, they come in a variety of materials, colors, and finishes that can suit any style of kitchen. You can choose from glass, ceramic tiles, marble, or even stainless steel for added durability. This makes it easy to create an attractive look for your kitchen no matter what its current design is. 

Kitchen splashbacks are also incredibly practical as they help protect walls from grease and moisture which can build up during meal preparation. They also reduce cleaning time as spills can be wiped away quickly with minimal effort. By choosing high-quality material such as toughened glass or ceramic tiles you’ll have peace of mind that your splashback will be durable enough to stand up against regular use.

2. New Countertops:

Changing out your old countertops can have a huge impact on the look of your kitchen as well as its function. There are many materials available that could fit into any home design style like natural stone, quartzite, granite or marble countertops all of which will look great when paired with an attractive glass or ceramic tile splashback. 

3. Updated Cabinetry:

No matter how nice the countertop looks with its accompanying backsplash, if the cabinetry is outdated or lackluster then it can ruin the entire design scheme of the room. Consider painting existing cabinets white or installing new cabinet doors in a modern style that will pair nicely with whatever type of backsplash you chose for your space.

4. New Flooring:

Whether you choose tile flooring or luxury vinyl planking (LVP), updating your flooring is an important part of creating a cohesive look throughout your kitchen space; especially if it’s been years since you’ve done anything significant in terms of remodeling work!

A tile floor pairs beautifully with most types of backsplashes since they share similar material properties; whereas LVP works best with solid-colored backsplashes like glass tiles since it won’t compete visually depending on what color and pattern you choose for either surface material.

5. Lighting Fixtures:

Updating lighting fixtures in any room always has an instant effect on changing the overall feel of the space but this is especially true when revamping a kitchen design scheme! 

Task lighting helps make cooking much easier by providing focused light over specific areas where work needs to be done while ambient lighting helps set moods & makes entertaining much more enjoyable once dinner has been served!

Pendant lights & under-cabinet LED strips all pair nicely with most types of splashbacks giving off just enough light without overpowering them visually or detracting from their beauty overall!


By adding these five simple items to your kitchen, you can take it from functional and serviceable to stylish and inviting. Whether you are looking for ways to spruce up your existing decor or just want to add some modern convenience into your life, any one of these additions could be exactly what you need!

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