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Can Casinos Modify Games’ Rules?

Each US state where gambling is legal has specific rules regarding gambling in place. All casino games also operate according to strict rules. There are frameworks that help to eliminate gray areas when it comes to bets, outcomes, and payments. Licensed casinos in the U.S. offer a regulated experience to players.

Use of random number generators (RNGs)

Game design, game rules, betting minimums and maximums, and the return to player (RTP) cannot be changed by a single individual. Casinos can’t fiddle with the random number generators (RNGs) that determine the outcomes of games. As soon as players depress a spin button, the RNG automatically generates an outcome. 

When using an online casino app to play at licensed online casinos, players want to know that the games are fair. At an unlicensed casino they cannot be sure that the games are reliable. Top software providers have reputations to protect and their games are certified as secure by third-parties.

Benefits of standardized rules

The standardization of rules means players know what to expect no matter where they choose to play. A blackjack player can play online in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and other states and know the rules are the same. 

There may be subtle rule differences that may make a casino’s offering more or less enticing. A casino can decide to reduce the vig or juice on a game of Baccarat which reduces the house edge accordingly. 

Standardized rules make players feel an overall familiarity with a game. Knowing which games have better odds, when to raise or lower bets, or when to fold and call it quits are all common casino gambling skills that players need to master. 

Casinos can change rules to benefit players

Once the rules are in place, casinos won’t typically alter them. In essence, they will follow the gaming regulations in their jurisdiction. If they manipulate the functionality and rules of slot machine games, they need to inform players. From time to time, casinos may change the rules to benefit high rollers. This may be for publicity purposes and players are fully aware that the rules are being bent.

Casinos can’t violate the minimum payback percentage threshold set by state gambling boards. This is good news for players trying to earn money online. The percentage varies by state but it is usually 80% or higher. While a state may only require a minimum payback of 86%, many slot machines and video poker machines have a higher payout percentage. 


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