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The Challenges and Rewards of a Career in Mechanical Engineering

Are you interested in pursuing mechanical engineering? But you are afraid of the challenges this career has to offer. Do not forget that the most rewarding career comes with challenges. And this article will help you learn all the challenges as well as rewards this field of engineering has to offer in detail that will help you in deciding whether to go ahead with this career option or not.

What is mechanical engineering all about? 

It focuses on designing, creating, producing, and managing mechanical devices. You can pursue B.Tech and diploma courses in this field from one of the top polytechnic colleges in Kerala. This is a field that has its challenges and rewards like any other industry. And in this blog, we will talk about them in detail.

Challenges of a career in mechanical engineering

  1. Project deadlines– Mechanical engineers handle various projects together. And maintaining project deadlines of all the projects becomes challenging for them. Engineers who develop problem-solving and organizational skills can meet deadlines on time.
  1. Safety– Safety is another challenge for mechanical engineers as they need to work under hazardous conditions which raises the chances of accidents. This engineer needs to be careful while performing physically demanding activities like fixing malfunctioning mechanical equipment. They should take safety precautions including putting on the appropriate safety gear, such as gloves, and eyewear, and adopting good posture when moving machinery.
  1. Scope of responsibilities– Mechanical engineers required at all levels of the design and development process and hence have a broad scope of responsibilities. And this creates anxiety and stress for mechanical engineers.
  1. Equipment malfunction– Mechanical engineers frequently investigate equipment problems. A mechanical engineer might, for instance, use their in-depth understanding of mechanical procedures to repair a generator if it stops working. Mechanical engineers may need to rearrange their schedules in order to diagnose and fix equipment problems. In order to keep machinery and mechanical tools in good working order, frequent maintenance can be useful.
  1. New technologies– Mechanical engineering field accepts innovation and new technologies with open arms and sometimes it becomes difficult for these engineers to understand the changing technology and work with them. However, to resolve this challenge a mechanical engineer should be open to changes and should updated with the latest technology and changes with short-term courses.
  1. Complex Projects– There various projects assigned to mechanical engineers that are complex in nature. There are times when they involved in projects worth millions and projects like working with heavy machinery or pipeline manufacturing. This adds additional responsibility among engineers to perform their projects to the best of their capabilities.
  1. Work-life balance– Many mechanical engineers find it difficult to maintain a balance between work and life but being a mechanical engineer, you should be ready to sometimes work overtime. 
  1. Adverse weather– Mechanical engineers who work in the gas and oil industries have to work outside office premises in far locations and they face adverse weather conditions such as storms, and extreme heat which causes them stress. And if you join one such industry you should take all necessary precautions required to work under such circumstances.

Rewards of Mechanical Engineering Career-

Would you believe, if we say, even after so many challenges, mechanical engineering is a good career? Well, read out the rewards this career has to offer-

  1. Career opportunities– Mechanical engineering is a broader term and it includes various specializations in which you can pursue your career. After doing B Tech or mechanical diploma courses in Kerala you can choose any field listed below based on your interest and skills-
  • Aerospace engineering
  • Biomedical engineering
  • Manufacturing 
  • Marine engineering
  • Automobile engineering
  • Automotive engineering
  1. Global opportunities- Mechanical engineering degree will open avenues of job opportunities for you in India and abroad. Every nation has its own engineering initiatives. Because of this, every nation has a significant need for mechanical engineers to plan, build, and manage its infrastructure.
  1. Contribution to society– Choosing the path of mechanical engineering will not only enhance your life but you will be able to bring change and innovation to the life of thousands of people in society at large. Mechanical engineers have contributed a lot in the form of machines and gadgets to make our everyday life easier. 
  1. Expert in a wide range of fields– Your ability to excel in a variety of fields will enhanced with a mechanical engineering degree. While pursuing your degree you will teach Chemistry, English language, physics, structures, electrical and computer applications, as well as other subjects such as economics, and environmental and social aspects of engineering. 
  1. High salary– As this field requires a lot of responsibilities and expertise, companies tend to offer good salary packages to appreciate their contribution. Out of all the specializations aerospace engineers paid the highest salary.

Check out the below-mentioned graph, to know the Average salary of mechanical engineers based on different job positions.

Source- Indeed

Hope you have understood that apart from the challenges this field offers various rewards for which you can join this industry. Well, to be a successful engineer you need to complete your degree course from a college where your engineering aspirations can be nurtured with the right skills and knowledge. One such College is TOMS college of engineering and polytechnic which is one of the best mechanical engineering colleges in Kerala.

TOMS College of Engineering

Toms College of engineering is situated in Kottayam, Kerala offers B. tech and polytechnic courses in the field of mechanical, automobile, chemical, civil, computer science and engineering, and electrical and electronics engineering.

With well-established infrastructure and experienced teaching faculties, they quality education with holistic development and offer placement in the transportation sector, structural consultancy, and architectural consultancies.

Final verdict

If working with machinery and large equipment excites you and you have the zeal to face the aforementioned challenges in return for the rewards then you can make a fruitful career in this industry. Enroll yourself today in the best engineering colleges in Kerala to give wings to your dream career.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the eligibility criteria to get admission to TOMS College of Engineering and Polytechnic?

Below mentioned are the eligibility criteria for TOMS-

  • Students must have passed +2 Science / Polytechnic Diploma with 45% marks in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry / Biotechnology/ Computer Science / Biology subjects.
  • Age: Minimum 17 years 

Can I get lateral entry admission to B Tech mechanical engineering?

Yes, you can. Students who have passed polytechnic diplomas in relevant fields can take admitted to B Tech mechanical engineering.

Which subjects are taught in mechanical engineering?

List of subjects taught in mechanical engineering courses-

  • Fluid mechanics
  • Industrial Management
  • Theory of Machines
  • Machine Design
  • Applied mechanics lab
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Material science and engineering
  • Electrohydraulic

What is the fee for a B tech mechanical engineering course at TOMS?

The annual tuition at Toms is Rs. 50,000 for government quota students and up to Rs. 99,000 for management quota students. Toms also provides merit-based scholarships to students.

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