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Here is How to Publish Your First Romance Novel Within a Year

Turning your dream of publishing a romance novel into reality is not a difficult task. You don’t need to be a gifted writer to write a novel that engages your readers and helps you become an established writer.

With proper planning and adopting the best tips, you can finish writing a novel and get it published within a year. Keep reading to find actionable tips that will help you develop your writing plan and allow you to achieve your writing goal of publishing a romance novel!

1. Choose Your Genre

Romance Novel is a vast genre that contains a lot of subgenres. To ensure that you develop a strong plot for your novel and succeed in meeting the expectations of your readers, you will have to know about the different subgenres and decide on one for writing your novel.

Some of the famous romance subgenres include:

  • Erotic Romance
  • Contemporary Romance
  • New Adult romance
  • Paranormal romance
  • Historical romance
  • Fantasy romance

Many novice writers think they need to choose the most famous subgenre to make their first novel successful. However, contrary to the popular misconception, you should choose the subgenre for writing the romance novel that you like the most.

2. Understand Your Audience

It won’t be easy to make your romance novel interesting for your readers if you don’t know anything about your target audience. Before you write down a single word, you should spend some time spying on the liking and dislikings of your readers.

Reading reviews of famous romance novels online is a great way to find which elements of a romance novel make it a good read. Besides that, you can also join online groups of romance readers to understand how you can engage your readers the right way.

3. Read More Books

When writing a romance novel, you have to allocate as much time to reading as you do for writing. Exploring famous romance novels will help you identify the elements that make a romance novel successful.

Other than that, reading famous romance novels will also give you insights into how you should structure your plots and introduce the characters of your story.

4. Find Your Writer’s Voice

Making your romance novel successful doesn’t necessarily require you to impersonate famous writers. Instead of trying to copy the writing style of others, you should be focused on finding your voice and engaging readers with your style.

Finding your writing style doesn’t have to be a tedious task. The simplest way you can identify your writing style is by rewriting the work of some of your favorite writers. Doing so will help you figure out how you grasp ideas and how you explain them as a writer.

5. Sharpen Your Writing Skills

You won’t be able to write better and faster if you keep doubting your writing skills all the time. It’s better to join a writing class so you can become a better writer and start trusting your creativity. You can enroll in an online writing course if you don’t have to join a writing class in your area. 

6. Develop a Writing Routine

Finishing your romance novel faster is all about following a routine. If you don’t follow a proper routine, you won’t be able to achieve your writing goals.

Start by identifying the time of the day when you feel the most creative and choose that time for writing. When you sit down to write, make sure you block out any distractions to ensure that you can fully focus on your work.

7. Follow Professional Advice

It might not be easy for you to write your romance novel by working alone if you’ve never published anything before. Instead of struggling alone and trusting your gut feeling, you should consider asking for help from skilled writers.

8. Write According to an Outline

The best way to simplify your writing routine is by following an outline. With the help of an outline, you can structure all your thoughts in one place and ensure that you don’t go off-topic when writing. Develop a simple first outline and add any elements to your outline later as needed.

9. Complete Your First Draft

After developing your outline, you should focus on your writing routine to ensure that you can finish your first draft on time. Completing your draft will boost your confidence and also ensure that you can remove the mistakes from your work later.

The most important thing to do when working on the first draft of your romance novel is to avoid perfectionism. Let your thoughts flow on paper, and don’t overthink about getting things right.

10. Get an Attractive Book Cover

Publishing a romance novel is not only about writing as best as you can. If you want more people to read your romance novel, then you have to plan on making your book attractive to your readers.

Having an attractive book cover can persuade more people to buy your book. You can find one of the best romance book cover designers online to ensure that you get a book cover that makes your book stand out!

11. Get Feedback for Your Manuscript 

Proper reviews can help you fix grammatical and logical mistakes in your romance novel. Send your final manuscript to professional editors to get it corrected. Besides that, you should also send it to your friends and family to get their valuable feedback.

12. Choose Your Publication Method

You need to pick the right publishing method for your book to ensure that you can encourage more people to read your book. If you’re confused between self-publishing and traditional publishing, you should consider asking for advice from a writer who has gone through the process in the past.

13. Run Ads Online

Online advertising can help your book get discovered and purchased. Make sure you run ads on social channels to attract lovers of the romance genre. If possible, you should hire an online advertising expert to ensure that you get good value for the money you spend.

14. Publish Content on YouTube

Once you’ve published your book, you should start posting content on YouTube to ensure that more people buy your book. Get started with video creation by recording and editing videos on your smartphone if you don’t want to invest in a professional setup.

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