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Get the Various Government Services by Saral Haryana

The Haryana Portal is a user-friendly online platform that provides various government services for the residents of Haryana. This portal covers a large range of departments and services, which is helpful for enabling users to register, follow application status, and also they can file complaints easily. The Saral Haryana portal has made the process of accessing government services easier for the people of Haryana. The people of Haryana are very clear about the government services that it provides.

What is the Haryana Saral Portal?

Haryana Saral Portal is an online platform offered by the Haryana Government to provide access to various schemes and services of the government easily. It aims to simplify the process of obtaining the necessary documents and permits required for implementing government schemes in the state. This portal provides information on property transfer division of land, Land zoning, and more than 600 Government-to-Citizen (G2C) services. With the Haryana Saral portal, individuals can save time and effort by completing these tasks online without the need to travel to a government office.

Saral Haryana Gov.In the Registration Process:

  • Saral Haryana Portal is a web service portal that enables citizens to register, manage, and access Haryana government services online. 
  • Users should visit the Saral Haryana portal.
  • It is best to go to the “Sign in here” box on the home page.
  • Click the “New user? And then, you can register in the link under the sign inbox. 
  • The Service Plus page (registration form) will open. You need to enter the required information like “Full Name,” “Email ID,” “Mobile Number,” and “Password” and then select the state as “Haryana” from the menu. dropdown
  • Saral Haryana Gov is registering.
  • Then, you will be successfully registered on Saral Haryana.Gov.in.

Benefits of the Saral Portal:

  • A single service delivery portal for citizens.
  • The ability to use a service or plan from anywhere at any time.
  • Track service request status live.
  • Timely delivery of services or plans
  • Complete digitization of civic services or programs.
  • You can get all the government services in online.


The portal makes it easier for citizens to access government services online. It helps reduce the need to visit government offices. It also helps bring transparency and accountability to the delivery of government services. In addition, the user-friendly interface and availability of services make it a popular platform among the citizens of Haryana.


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