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Noah Shannon Green: Bio, Age, Wiki, Career

  • Noah Shannon Green – son of celebrity couple
  • Lots of attention on him
  • Handsome young kid

Noah Shannon Green is the celebrity son of famous American actress Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green. He has gained a lot of attention due to his cuteness and being the celebrity son of Megan Fox just doubled the attention. Let us know more information about him in brief.


  • Noah born – 27th Sept 2012
  • Celebrity son of a celebrity couple
  • Father – Brian Austin Green – American actor, producer
  • Mother – Megan Fox – American actress, model
  • No info on childhood or schooling
  • Education – elementary school

Noah Shannon Green was born on 27th September 2012 in the United States of America. He is the celebrity son of American celebrity model and actress Megan Foxx and American actor Brian Austin Green. There is not much information about his childhood and the school name he is currently in, but he is studying in elementary school now. He is very active and always seen having a good time with his parents.


  • Noah – handsome, charming personality
  • Notorious & mischievous nature
     dark brown eyes
  • Golden blonde hair
  • Long hairstyle
  • No info on height & weight

Noah is really handsome and has a charming personality. He has a notorious personality with a really mischievous smile on his face. Noah has dark brown eyes with long blonde hair which just enhances the cuteness of the baby. He is always seen with his father and loves the company of his other two siblings.

Noah Shannon Green
Handsome Noah Shannon Green

As he is constantly growing, the 10-year-old height and weight details not officially released but as soon as he turns 17 years old, the information revealed to the media and it will updated here as quickly as it can get.


  • Noah – too young for personal life
  • No info of dating or love interest
  • Loves family and siblings
  • No other info about childhood

Noah Shannon Green is quite young to have any personal life, as he will turn 10 years old this year and has no girlfriends or any love interest as of now. He loves his family and is always seen having a great time with his siblings which whom he loves playing. The childhood details and any other personal information not disclosed to the parents as they don’t want their son to have unnecessary attention on him.


  • Noah – son of celebrity couple
  • Father – Brian Austin Green – American actor, producer
  • Mother – Megan Fox – American model, actress
  • Noah – eldest son of a couple
  • Siblings – Bodhi Ransom Green, Journey River Green, Kassius (step-brother)

Noah is the son of the popular American model, actress Megan Fox who has many roles as an actress in various Television shows and movies. Noah’s father is Brian Austin Green who is also a famous American actor and producer. Noah has three siblings, two brothers Bodhi Ransom Green and Journey River Green, and a stepbrother Kassius who is the son of Brian from his first marriage.


  • No info on career
  • Education – Elementary school
  • Loves family and siblings
  • No info on future plans

Noah is just a 9-year-old celebrity kid hence he is too young to start a career on his own. He is currently pursuing his elementary school and there are no details of his childhood or future plans as their parents have kept privacy intact before revealing anything to the media. As soon as the information is available, it will be updated here shortly after.


  • No info on net worth
  • Estimated net worth – $2 million to $2.5 million
  • Youngest millionaires in the USA

Noah is the eldest son of the celebrity couple, Brian Adrian Green and Megan Fox, hence he is said to be one of the youngest millionaires in the United States. As per reports and speculations from the experts, he has an estimated net worth of around $2 million to $2.5 million but the exact information regarding his net worth is not revealed yet.

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