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Kyoya Ootori: Bio, Age, Life, Creative, Look

Kyoya Ootori is a second-year student at Ouran Academy, as well as the frugal and calculated vice-president of the Ouran Host Club, which he co-founded with his best mate, Tamaki Suoh. Even after Tamaki’s role as President, Kyoya is the true director, acting as a puppeteer behind the scenes, garnering him the moniker “The Shadow King.” He believes that as the 3rd son of the rich and honourable Ootori family, he must outperform his 2 brothers in order to satisfy his father. He works incredibly tough to fulfil his strict father’s great standards in order to be regarded as the next head of the family, despite the fact that this is highly unlikely.

In the anime, his younger demeanour as a superficial cad is converted by Tamaki’s companionship, and Kyoya grows to be a reasonable, but humanistic person. His fascination with patriarchy has all but disappeared, which, ironically, pleases his dad the much more.

Kyoya Ootori: Appearance

Kyoya Ootori has simple black hair that is separated in the middle and is cautiously styled, as well as brownish-grey eyes. He is tall and skinny, and he wears slender, frameless spectacles that flash when he is scheming, smug or humorous, mad, or secretly terrified, however, this feature is not restricted to these feelings. When attempting to specify an idea, he also has a tendency to push his spectacles to the bridge of his nose or adapt them in some way.

He favours designer wear, as do the other Hosts, with his sense of fashion tilting toward an advanced traditional look intermixed with fashionable clothing items. He is always perfectly groomed, appropriately dressed for any event, and is inherently classy and tidy, though he seems to rump and dishevelled upon waking up in Kyoya’s Reluctant Day Out! when pressured to tour a middle-class mall with some other club members.

In the Host Club, Kyoya’s rose colour is lavender. This represents privilege and fortune in Japanese culture, which Kyoya holds. The purple rose is a sign of charm and love at first sight in Western society. Kyoya is the “Cool” kind, and it should be acknowledged that Renge Houshakuji falls in love with his photograph prior to actually meeting him.

Kyoya Ootori: Personality

Kyoya’s eager business skills lend themselves to managing all parts of the Host Club’s financial & planning aspects, from managing finances to selling off goods in order to maintain the club solvent while still financing Tamaki Suoh’s lavish strategies. His demeanour when dealing with customers is convincing and charismatic, and he is described as the “Cool” type. Kyoya is a relaxed and sensible man with exceptional intelligence. He can also come across as distant and, when necessary, threatening. Kyoya is the club’s diligent secretary, tracking continuous data on the club’s visitors and successes via his netbook, tablet, as well as a notebook.

Kyoya adores his closest mate, Tamaki Suoh, and gives him complete freedom when it comes to integrating his club ideas. He gets along very well with Haruhi Fujioka, with whom he frequently converses, as both are level-headed individuals of comparable intelligence & low emotionality. He is a member of the rich and powerful Ootori family, which runs a health care zaibatsu. His family is renowned in their chosen profession and operates a private police force recognised as The Black Onion Squad.

He likes to sleep late, which is frequently due to firm and classwork keeping him awake until the wee hours of the morning. Kyoya also has hypotension, which makes getting up difficult. He is very courteous to people in positions of power or who are linked to them, and he claims that he only helps people who can advantage him in some way.

The Ootori Family: Kyoya Ootori

Kyoya is the youngest of the Ootori brothers and sisters and the 3rd son of the rich Ootori family’s patriarch, Yoshio Ootori. Despite the fact that he is neither the successor apparent nor the next-in-line in terms of the family’s inheritance, he has stated that trying to become the heir apparent is “an exciting game,” and that he plans to outclass his brothers when the time comes. The Ootori family is renowned in the zaibatsu management model-based health care industry.


  • Kyoya implies “mirror, looking glass” (kyo) & “night” (ya).
  • Bisco Hatori thinks Kyoya’s name was unintentionally derived from the Japanese term “megane,” which means “eyeglasses”; the Kanji for the “Kyo” syllable in that phrase is the same.
  • Ootori, Kyoya’s surname, implies “male phoenix bird, male mythical bird.”

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