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Major Gaurav Arya: Bio, Age, Life, Wiki, Career, Net Worth

Major Gaurav Arya is not a small name in India. Being a former army professional and now a major analyst for military-related or geo-political subjects has indeed helped him to become a very famous name in a very short span. His YouTube channel CHANAKYA DIALOGUES HINDI has over 1.26M subscribers. In less than 400 videos, he did manage to have more than 1 million subscribers.

He now uses his military experience to help general people to understand how India’s relations are going on with China, Pakistan, the United States, Russia, Europe nations, and other countries. Hence, it does help Major Gaurav to gain fame and help General Indian to understand geo-political issues.

Major Gaurav Arya Biography

Gaurav Arya is a well-known writer, public speaker, and ex-army professional. He is also known for appearing at the Republic Media Network, where he plays the role of strategic affairs consulting editor. But most importantly he is famous for being an ex-army professional. Major was born on 25 September 1972 on a Wednesday in New Delhi, India. As Of 2023, Major gaurav Arya age is 52 years old. Gaurav has Libra as her western zodiac sign and Aquarius is the Indian astrological zodiac sign of Major Gaurav. He is an Indian who comes from a Hindu family. Hence, he does believe in Sanātana Dharma. He comes from brown ethnicity.

Major Gaurav Arya

Major Gaurav Arya Physical Stats

Major Gaurav Arya height is 5 feet and 9 inches, 175 cm, or 1.75 m tall. Being an ex-Indian army professional and a ranked army person, Major Gaurav does keep his weight at a decent level. Hence, Gaurav Arya weighs around 87 kg. He is not a gym freak but keeps his body kind of fit and fine. Gaurav comes up with dark brown eyes and hair. It does match his fair brown skin. He has not made any tattoos and has not done any cosmetic surgery.

Major Gaurav Arya Professional Career

Gaurav Arya had served in the Indian army at a “Major” level, which is very high ranked. Just like his father, who was an IPS officer, he did also put his all to serve the nation with a move to join the army. After holding an MBA degree, Gaurav Arya managed to creak the SSB exam. It did help him to become a part of the Indian Army as a Second Lieutenant. It was the number 57 SSC non-technical exams. His fellow recruiters did join for five plus five plus four years.

Then he did go for training as an army professional at Officer’s Training Academy, also known as OTA. It is in Chennai, India. It was in the watchful eyes of Jessami Company. Then he did start his career as a professional. He joined as 2nd lieutenant. It was in the 17th battalion at Kumaon Regiment. In 1996, Gaurav got the responsibility to serve the nation at Lahaul and Spiti. The area is a mix of snow and hills. Despite he was a high-rank officer, a lung ailment did hit him there. 

Major Gaurav arya

Three years later in 1996, he did take exit from the Indian army by taking voluntary retirement. So did happen because of some medical reasons. It did allow him to enter the corporate world and use his MBA degree as a tool and did lead him to work for HCL, Wipro, Smart Group, Ernst, and many others. As the army was his first love, he did keep on writing blogs for making sure that the understanding he has about Indian borders can help general people to understand what it is all about.

Gaurav Arya’s Family

Gaurav is blessed to have a happy family. He has not shared the name of his father. But all we know is that he was a 1960 batch IPS officer, who is on longer in this world. Even he has not talked much about her siblings. Possibly, it is due to his work that can put even his family members in some positions they should not. Hence, he does like to keep these things personal to him and does not talk much about these things. In a way, it does seem to be better for him.

Major Gaurav Arya
Major Gaurav Arya’s Family

Major Gaurav Arya’s Education

He comes from a very stable family. Hence, it did allow him to have a good level of education right from the very beginning. As he did move with his father from time to time during his school days, it did allow him to visit different cities and study there. In a way, the very move did give him that overall learning he was looking for. Then he moved for gaining higher education where he went to St Stephen’s College of New Delhi. Gaurav did a degree in Bachelor of Arts in History (Hons). After that, he did go to IITC Lucknow and got the degree an MBA in Marketing and Sales. In the time, in the 1990s. the value of an MBA degree holder was valuable and did hold good salary packages. However, he did choose to serve this country by joining the army.

Gaurav Arya’s Rise To Fame

Gaurav did become famous after he did write an article about Swarajya. It was an open letter to Burhan Wani, who is a terrorist. As it was an open letter it did go viral overnight. In 2016, Wani was taken down by the Indian army. In the letter, he did talk about how the young blood of Kashmir should not follow leaders like Burhan Wani, who did speak very bad things about India and wanted to do a lot of harm. This letter was hailed by many people in India and kind of, and it did start the journey of Major Gaurav as an ex-army professional. It did help him to be a star overnight. From news channels to radio, everybody wanted to have a piece of Gaurav and his views on geo-political things.

Gaurav Arya’s New Journey in Media

Gaurav Arya was working for Smart Group in 2017. At that time, Indian journalist Arnab Goswami asked Major Gaurav to join him on Republic TV Network. Hence, in March 2017, he did join Republic TV. He got the post of strategic affairs consulting editor. His shows Patriot and Blitzkerg were loved by the audience. It did lead him to make a YouTube channel and put his voice there. In every geo-political issue,  Major Gaurav has now been seen as a key personality to put his views forward.

Major Gaurav Arya

Why did Major Gaurav Arya retire from the army?

Major Gaurav Arya voluntarily retired from the Indian Army in 1999, due to medical reasons. After leaving the armed forces, he did an MBA in Marketing & Sales from IITC, Lucknow, and therefore, embarked on his corporate career.

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Major Gaurav Arya On Social Media

Gaurav Arya is using social media channels to educate people about what is happening within and around India. On Twitter, he has over 1.5M Followers and he likes to write his views and put them forward. Major Gaurav Arya Instagram on 55k followers. And on YouTube, he holds over 1.27M subscribers. On THE CHANAKYA DIALOGUES HINDI, he does talk about how things are going in India and outside and tries to make people understand the topics from the core. Hence, he has become a star on social media with most of them being Indian followers.

Major Gaurav Arya Net Worth

Major Gaurav Arya net worth is USD 15 cr around. He has earned his money from his long work in the army, corporate, and the media. YouTube has also become a key part of his earnings now. Hence, Gaurav is earning even more since 2016 as he is an in-demand personality that the media do love. It does show a lot about Major Gaurav and the impact he has created in earning good sums. He also does charity work here and there.

Hobbies and Trivia

  • Major Gaurav likes to write, watch geo-political news, read books, and swim.
  • He was a huge fan of cricket and football.
  • Major Gaurav became famous in 2016 after writing an open letter to Burhan Wani. 
  • He does like to take morning walks.
  • Major Gaurav did serve the Indian army in the 1990s. 
  • He has a mega YouTube channel with a million plus subscribers.
  • Major Gaurav is known for his love for India. 
  • He does drink alcohol. Gaurav does not smoke. 
  • He knows how to drive a car and bike also.


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