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Nisha Guragain: Bio, Age, Wiki, Age, Wiki

Nisha Guragain Introduction

Nisha Guragain is a famous social media personality who rose to fame after TikTok became a sensation in India. The platform gave Nisha fame that now she has over 9.3M followers on Instagram as of 2023. It would have not been possible with TikTok as the social media platform gave her the name and fame. She was one the first ones who did see the deep value TikTok holds for making her sensation. Despite TikTok being banned in India in 2020 due to geopolitical issues between India and China.

And hence, it did impact Nisha and others in an impactful manner. But till that time, she did make a huge name on Instagram also and the platform has become huge for her as she is one of the most followed Indian on Instagram and mostly it does happen with film stars, singers and cricketers. It shows how much she gained from TikTok and it makes her a motivation for other girls in India, so let us look at her journey.

Nisha Guragain is an Indian social media influencer, model, and actress. She has captivated many people on platforms such as TikTok and Instagram with her content, including lip-syncs, dance, and comedy videos. The entertainer has also appeared in several music videos and a television series.

Nisha Guragain Bio

Nisha Guragain is a famous TikToker and social media personality. She did rise to fame after TikTok came into boom back in 2019. It did see her becoming one of the most known TikTokers coming from India. However, the Indian government did ban TikTok in the summer of 2020 and did lead Nisha and others to switch to Instagram, YouTube and other social media platforms. She is 25 years old.

Nisha was born on 2 October 1997 in Mumbai, India. She does share her birthday with India’s great Mahatma Gandhi. It makes Indian her nationality and Libra her Western zodiac sign. However, her astrological sign by the name is Vruschika, also known as Scorpio. She comes from a pure brown ethnic group. She is a Hindu and believes in Sanātana Dharma. The meaning of her name is Night in English. Guragain surname makes her ancestry come from Khas Brahmin of Nepal. It means that her gotra is Dhananjaya.  

Nisha Guragain

Nisha Guragain’s Personal Life

She is seemingly single at the moment, but there are speculations that she could be dating Vishal Pandey. However, they are yet to confirm the rumours. Vishal Pandey is a musician, actor, and content creator in India. She has not disclosed much information about her personal life and we do not know whether she is dating someone or not at present. She seems to be more focused on her career rather than having relationships.

Nisha Guragain Physical Stats

Nisha Guragain does have an average Indian female fight, which is 5 feet and 6 inches tall. Most of the time, she keeps her body fit and hence, Nisha weighs around 59 kg. Her body does measure around 33-26-33 inches. Her hair colour is black and eye colour is dark brown. Her skin tone is brownish also. Recently, she has done cosmetic surgeries on her face. It has even elevated her nose. The feet size of Nisha is 6 (US). Her dress size is medium to large. She is not a fan of tattoo making. She does not like to colour her hair mostly.

Nisha Guragain Family Tree

Nisha Guragain is a girl who was born in Mumbai, India. Yasoda Lamsal Guragain is the name of her mother. She is a homemaker. Rajat Guragain is the name of her father. Nisha’s father works in the corporate world. She did grow up with two siblings. Niraj Guragain is her brother and Rajni Arya is her sister. It made her grow up in a family of five. Nisha is very much connected with her family and is very much connected with her uncles and aunts. She did like to do on bike rides with her father when she was a child and have pada pav and dosa.  

Nisha Guragain Early Life

Nisha Guragain was born in Mumbai and bred in Chandigarh. It is the reason she can speak three languages Hindi, Punjabi and English. When she was five years old, it was her dream to become an actress. Nisha was a fan of Kareena Kapoor’s “Poo” character that the mega Indian actress played in Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham movie. However, by the age of 10, she did skip this dream. Nisha was a very jolly personality and hence, she did become the most pampered kid in her house. When she was growing up, she did like to watch movies at the theatres with her family. It made her to love both Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan.

Nisha Guragain Education

Nisha’s father’s job did lead her to spend her childhood in Chandigarh. She did move to Chandigarh from Mumbai with her family as her father’s job did require that. Hence, it did lead her to study at Chandigarh Baptist School. It shows that she comes from a stable family as Chandigarh Baptist School is a top school in north India. For higher education, she did go to Mumbai University. So hence, it was her return to Mumbai.

She didn’t like academics a lot and even her grades used to be normal or average. But she did like to study English. During her school days, she did take part in dance competitions.  

Nisha Guragain’s Career

Nisha started her career journey by uploading lip-syncing videos on video sharing platform TikTok and earned fame for her acting and dancing talent. She switched to Instagram for sharing her talent because the Indian government banned TikTok in 2020. She has also acted in music videos after gaining stardom through her TikTok videos.

Nisha 1st appeared in a 2019 Punjabi music video by Kay Vee Singh titled Na Ladeya Kar. Later, Nisha was featured in another music video called JattaVeJatta by Sukh Sandhu, which was released in the same year. She is in the music industry and has appeared in several music videos, such as Taash De Patte, Tujhko Khabar, Ritik Chouhan: Romance Karoon, and Cutie Pie. As an actress, she has been featured in the TV series MX TakaTak Fame House.

She has now become a social media powerhouse. It has given hope to other mega social media names that it is possible to make an impact at a very young age. She is not just a social media star but more than that now. In 2020, TikTok’s ban did impact her but she has managed to come out of it very well in flying colours.

Nisha Guragain

Nisha Guragain Net Worth

Nisha Guragain is now a rich social media star. It was not when she started around 2017. As of 2023, she does have a net worth of INR 1.5 cr. She has gained fame from social media and it had paid her a lot at a very young age. She does support also an NGO in New Delhi. It does help young boys and street dogs. It shows how much she loves the dog. Nisha’s first luxury bag was Gucci which she did buy back in December 2021. It was her dream to have a luxury bag and that too of Gucci.   

Nisha Guragain On Social Media

She is a content creator sharing engaging videos such as lip-syncs, dance, challenges, and comedy. Nisha Guragain’s account on the TikTok platform boasted more than 28 million followers and had more than 757 million likes before the platform was banned by the Indian government. However, she is now active on Instagram with over 9.3 million followers. One can see her love for shopping when she went to Dubai, Nisha did buy stuff from Gucci and Balmain. Her trip to Nepal and Dubai also share on social media. One can see her love for nails. It can also make her see the love for food also, mostly Western food.  


Q How much is Nisha Gurgain worth in rupees?

As of 2023, Nisha Gurgain has a net worth of INR 1.5 cr.

Q How is Nisha Guragain famous?

Nisha Guragain did become with the rise of TikTok and that did help her to become an overall social media star.

Q What is the cast of Guragain?

Nisha Guragain is a Hindu Brahmin whose ancestry comes from Nepal.

Q Where is Nisha Guragain born?

Nisha Guragain was born on 2 October 1997 (age 25 years), in Mumbai, India.

Q Who is Nisha Guragain?

Nisha Guragain is a famous being ex-TikToker. However, the ban on the app in 2020 made her famous on Instagram.

Hobbies and Trivia

  • The hobbies of Nisha Guragain are dancing, travelling, chilling out with her best friend and trying different cuisines.
  • She does like non-veg food.
  • Nisha has shared her having Sushi. She is in love with Japanese food.
  • She does not like to read books much.
  • Nisha does like to try cocktails.
  • She does not how to drive a car.
  • Her first luxury brand purchase was Gucci in Dubai and on the same day, she did buy from Balmain.
  • Nisha likes to do to the beaches a lot.
  • She was born in Mumbai but was raised in Chandigarh.
  • Nisha does not smoke but she likes to drink alcohol in moderation.
  • She knows how to drive a car.
  • Salman and Shah Rukh Khan are her all-time favourite actors.
  • She likes to watch both Hollywood and Bollywood movies.
  • Koffee With Karan is her beloved talk show.
  • Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is her beloved actress.
  • Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham is her favourite film.

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