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Sastika Rajendran: Everything You Need To Know About

A well-known Indian actress, host, emcee, and voice-over artist, it feels as if Swastika Rajendran has everything to be the star she is. She is a famous face in the Southern part of India. Other than that, she does like to dance and posts videos on social media showing her skills. Well, being on various platforms, does help Swastika to tell what is up to and what projects she is working on.  Now she does a lot of work on the OTT platforms in India. She now does sports commentary also, mostly in cricket. ILT20 is something she has been associated with as a host and commentator.

She is also known for her work for Star Sports Pro Kabaddi League, which is the best-seeing league in India after IPL. These are some of the things that have made Sastika a very well-known name in different parts of India, giving a pan-India look.

Sastika Rajendran Biography 

Sastika is a well-known Indian actress, model, host, and now commentator also. She has written on her Instagram bio that “Well-behaved women rarely make history!”

It does show the fact she is known as a strong independent lady in India. Sastika was born on 6 July 1996 in Coonoor, Tamil Nadu. As of 2023, Sastika Rajendran age is 27 years old It truly defines Cancer as the zodiac sign of Sastika. She is a Hindu who does follow the Sanatana religion or way of living. Her nationality is Indian.  The meaning of Sastika’s name is related to “Lord Murugan”.

Sastika is one of the few actresses who work in sports also as a host. She is fluent in Tamil and English languages. Sastika does speak Hindi also very well.

Speaking to our team, Sastika said: “I am a very person who wants to work hard so that it does help the next generation of females to have a better stage to work and grow in a better manner.”

Sastika Rajendran Physical Stats   

Sastika Rajendran height is 5 feet and 6 inches or 1.67 m tall. She is an extremely fit lady who keeps her weight around 63 kg mostly. Sastika does have dark brown eyes and hair. Her beautiful face is brown in color. Her feet size is 8 (US). As of now, she has not done any cosmetic surgery. Even Sastika has not put any tattoos on her body. She does not like to color her hair a lot. Most of the time, one can see her natural color. The dress size of Sastika is medium. Her body measures around 34-26-32 inches.

Sastika Rajendran: Early Life – Education

Coonoor is where Sastika was born. Sastika attended ‘Nazareth Convent High School’ in Ooty and ‘Stanes Anglo Indian School’ in Coonoor for her junior college education. Sastika graduated with a master’s business administration degree from Coimbatore’s Bharathiar University. She remembers herself as a happy and eccentric young child. Rajendran is her parents’ only kid.

She did like to spend time with her father a lot as she did not have any siblings. Her beloved thing was to go to have ice cream with her father during weekends. She did like to play cricket and hide and seek the most as a child.

When Sastika was 7 years old, she did start dance classes. Her aim was always to act and become an actress. She used to receive awards in debate competitions also while growing up. She told us one of her childhood stories:

“I liked ice cream that much I used to ask for 10 rupees every day, so I can have one every day,” she said.

Sastika Rajendran Professional Career

Since Sastika was a young child, She had a passion for filmmaking and aspired to work in the field. After graduating, Sastika entered the field of filmmaking and threw herself toward getting noticed. Sastika began her career as a host for Tamil television programs. She has since hosted some programs on the Sun TV channel, which has ultimately brought Sastika Rajendran all of the fame and notoriety from the start to the present. ChuttiJillunuOru Summer, Tik TikTik, Sema Morning, VaangaSamaikalam, ChuttiVinayagar, ChuttiGolu, &VanakkamTamizha are a few of her well-known Sun TV programs that contributed to her success. Sastika Rajendran’s life was changed by all of these efforts, which also earned her praise from numerous individuals both inside and outside the industry.

Sastika Rajendran

She also conducted celebrity interviews while having to work for the ‘Cinema Viketan channel. Sastika had the chance to speak with some great and well-known figures at that time. Rajendran subsequently won the respect of her followers and was hired for several projects. Additionally, Sastika even made her acting debut in the Tamil romantic comedy Parris Jeyaraj. People throughout the country gave this movie positive reviews and paid a lot of attention. It was one of the pivotal moments in Sastika Rajendran’s career, and it led to her receiving widespread international acclaim.

In 2022, she worked in the Hotstar series named Fall. In 2023, she came up with another OTT series named Accidental Farmer & Co. (Tamil) on Sony LIV. She has worked for the Tamil host team of the Pro Kabaddi League and ILT20 League as a host.

Sastika Rajendran Family

Sastika has kept her profile related to her parents not too active. Vijay Rajendran is the name of her father. She has told us that her father is a farmer. The mother’s name of Sastika is Lakshmi. She did grow up alone being the only child of the family. It is the reason she does not have any siblings.  

Sastika feels very proud to come from a family of farmers. She is a story of a “farmer’s daughter who becomes an actress”. It does what tells a lot about the background she comes from, which is very humble in nature.

Sastika Rajendran Family

“I loved to go to farms with my father as a child. He is such a hero not just for me but for our nation as farmers are the backbone of a nation and its growth, which I am very proud of. Both my mother and father are superstars in real life,” she said about her parents.

Sastika Rajendran: Voice Artist

Sastika Rajendran also excels as a vocal artist and has recorded numerous voice-overs. She is the creator of numerous characters from various programs and series. Regarding Sastika Rajendran’s social media accounts, she regularly posts about her life on Instagram and engages with her followers. She possesses this quality actually adored by the audience. Sastika worked so hard to get to the position she is in now.

Sastika Rajendran On Social Media

The actress Sastika Rajendran has noticed an increase in Instagram followers since making her acting debut in the film Parris Jeyaraj. Rajendran currently has 99.2K followers on Instagram. Sastika Rajendran’s biography provides information about her career as a model and actor. Sastika frequently posts photos from the set with the other members of the cast and crew. Images of Sastika and Tik Tok video content have frequently gone viral. She did use and posted videos on YouTube also in 2020. But she has stopped posting videos over there. Her social media profile would have become better had TikTok stayed in India for a long as her videos TikTok were booming in 2020 before they got banned in India (2020). She is also on Twitter and Facebook.

Sastika Rajendran

Sastika Rajendran Net Worth

Sastika Rajendran net worth is INR 8–10 crores from her work in the entertainment industry. She has gained this money from her work as an actress, voice artist, and host mostly. Her social media profile does also push her to earn money. She is an independent woman who does a lot of charity work. She does help 2 NGOs in her hometown. It does help kids with basic educational needs.

She does have a collection of 9 luxury bags and 12 pieces of footwear. She does like to wear gold color-branded watches mostly. Sastika told us that she does spend her money “wisely”. It does show another quality of hers.

Sastika Rajendran Trivia

  • The father of Sastika Rajendran is a farmer from South India.
  • She is fluent in Hindi, Tamil, and English languages.
  • Sastika does like the sky blue color the most.
  • Pizza is her beloved dish as she loves Italian cuisines other than South and North Indian.
  • She is also obsessed with an Indian dish named Rajmah Chawal
  • Sastika does follow cricket and kabaddi the most.
  • She does work now as an OTT actress.
  • Salman Khan is the favorite actor of Sastika.
  • From Hollywood, she loves Will Smith the most.
  • Goo Goo Dolls are her beloved band.
  • She does not smoke but likes to drink wine.


Q Who is Sastika Rajendran?

Sastika Rajendran is a famous Indian actress, who works on OTT platforms mostly, as a host, voice-over artist and model.

Q Is Sastika Rajendran on Instagram?

Yes, Sastika Rajendran is on Instagram. Her username is @ sastika_rajendran.

Q How old Sastika Rajendran is?

Sastika Rajendran was born on 6 July 1996 in Coonoor, Tamil Nadu, India. She is 26 years old.

Q Is Sastika Rajendran’s father a farmer?

Yes, Sastika Rajendran’s father is a farmer.

Q Where was Sastika Rajendran born?

Sastika Rajendran was born in Coonoor, Tamil Nadu, India. Her DOB is 6 July 1996.

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