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Who is the middle child of Triple H? Named Murphy Claire Levesque, daughter of Stephanie McMahon and Triple H

Murphy Claire Levesque is a celebrity child who known to the world as the youngest daughter of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, who blessed to have three daughters. It is not just the only reason behind her fame as the grandfather of Murphy, Vince McMahon, is someone who known around the world for founding World Wrestling Entertainment.

It is indeed a key reason behind the fame of Murphy who has become a mega name without doing much. This does tell a lot about Murphy and the impact she has without doing much. The brand WWE is that big it does make Murphy a superstar despite he is just a young girl who is studying.

Murphy Claire Levesque Bio

A celebrity child who is very famous, Murphy Claire is the daughter of HHH also known as Paul Michael Levesque and Stephanie McMahon. He also known as the granddaughter of the best promoter and founder of World Wrestling Entertainment Vince McMahon. Even her grandmother Linda McMahon has also worked during the Donald Trump administration at the White House. These are the reasons Murphy is famous all over the world due to different reasons.

Murphy Claire was born on 28 July 2008, Murphy Claire Levesque age is 4 years old. Murphy’s birthplace is Hartford, Connecticut, United States of America. The youngest child of Triple H is an American nationalist and does follow the Christian religion.

Murphy Claire Levesque

Murphy Claire Levesque Physical Stats 

Murphy Claire Levesque height is 5 feet. And weight is in the growing stage, and she is growing like an average girl.  Her dark brown eyes and blonde hair give Murphy a creative look.

She does have fair skin and it does complement her looks. She has the hair color of her father and the eyes of her mother. Murphy has not put tattoos on her body yet.

Murphy Claire Levesque’s Education

Murphy Claire is going to the best schools and learning the best academic knowledge. However, she does not like academics that much. But she has the aim of becoming a businessperson in the future and following the legacy of her family.

Murphy Claire’s Family

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are the parents of Murphy Claire. Vaughn Evelyn Levesque and Aurora Rose Levesque are the sisters of Murphy. Being the youngest, Murphy has most tantrums.  Hence, she called the sweetest child of the Levesque family. She is very connected to her family. She does mostly live around Stamford, Connecticut, United States as it is the place where WWE has its headquarters. They are a huge family that has got great bonding.

  • Close One

Murphy does have Shane McMahon as the uncle and Marissa Mazzola- McMahon is the aunt. Declan James McMahon, Kenyon Jesse McMahon, and Rogan McMahon are her cousins, and they are the children of Shane and Marissa McMahon. As the family one united, they all know each other very well and doe shares great relationships.

Paul Levesque Sr and Patricia Levesque are her grandparents as they are the parents of Triple H. Lynn Levesque is the aunt of Murphy. She is very much connected with her children of Lynn.

Murphy Claire Levesque
Murphy Claire Levesque Family

Murphy Claire Levesque Father Triple H

Paul Michael Levesque, better known as Triple H, is one of the most important names in the history of professional wrestling and the brand-named World Wrestling Entertainment. He is the only professional wrestler who did stay at the top and then became the leader of WWE in a way as Stephanie McMahon made him a kind of an owner of the organization. However, in April 2023, they did sell the business to Endeavor, which also owns UFC.

Murphy Claire Levesque Father Triple H
Murphy Claire Levesque’s Father Triple H

But Triple H and others are doing the same job. The only difference is that they have sold their business to a mega brand. Triple H has been known for both his positive and negative characters. He is a leader who did show his skills from the time he did start working for then-WWF as a professional wrestler. At that time, many children did hate him as he was pictured as a negative character. Despite the world knowing that WWE is scripted and fake, they have managed to make it that good still people think that everything their beloved star would win. In this creative journey, Triple H has been a key name that the world does love. He is a story of success.

Murphy Claire’s Mother Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie McMahon is one of the best female businesspersons of all time. She has not just led WWE for years but has made the platform for female professional wrestlers better. She is the reason behind major female wrestlers now do get better pay and headline the shows. It has made Stephanie famous around the world for being a fearless woman who is an inspiration for many. She did work as a professional wrestler and does work when needed. However, most of the time has been in leading the brand forward. Many do call her a better story than her brother Shane who does also play a key role to help the brand grow. This does show a lot about how great personality is as making a change does take a lot and she has been the name who has done it. It does indeed define her best.  

Murphy Claire Levesque Mother Stephanie McMahon

Who is their love partner of Murphy Claire? 

The young girl is currently in her early teens. Due to her tender age, we assume she’s single. 

Murphy Claire Levesque’s Awards and Achievements

While Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, both have received numerous awards, their daughter is quite young for the comparison. She is yet to set up her career and also, and her school progress is unknown. 

Murphy Claire Levesque Net Worth

Murphy does not work, so there is no net worth of hers. Her father, Triple H net worth is $ 150 million. They did sell WWE for billions and are still working as the leaders it does make their net worth billions. It means that Murphy does not need to even work for the rest of her life for having a rich life as she has one. She does take part in WWE’s charity projects. It does help needy children to get something they do look for. She is the one who does take the most initiative after her other two sisters.

Interesting facts and secrets about Murphy Claire Levesque

  • Her parents began dating in real life during their scripted romance on WWE.
  • Her grandfather is wrestling legend Vince Mcmahan. Murphy Claire older sister is named Aurora Rose and her younger sister is Vaughn Evelyn.
  • Her father Tripple H earned an impressive wealth of $ 15 million which make him one of the highest-paid celebrity in WWE.
  • She is active on social media with a great fan following.
  • Her youngest sister Vaughn also aspires to be in the wrestling ring one da


Q Who is Murphy Claire?

Murphy Claire is the youngest daughter of Stephanie McMahonon and Shane McMahon.

Q How old Murphy Claire is?

Murphy Claire Levesque is 14 years old.

Q Who are Triple H daughters?

Triple H is blessed to have three daughters Vaughn Evelyn Levesque, Aurora Rose Levesque and Murphy Claire Levesque.

Q Is Triple H still married?

Yes, Triple H is married and his wife is Stephanie McMahon since 2003.

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