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Are i-Slots a New Gaming Trend?

I-slots are the newest innovation in slot machine technology; they take full advantage of modern technology to provide interactive games in which players can create their narrative by arranging the reels in various ways or by taking part in an adventure to gain more experience and money. 

Rival was the first software provider to adopt an i-slots strategy. Today, they dominate the market for this type of game since no one else has the creativity to make video slots that can compete with their offerings – check it out

Those who grew up with video games online and are searching for a fresh take on slots will love i-slots. 

What makes Rival I-SLOTS STAND OUT 

The immersive quality of Rival’s i-Slots sets them apart from the competition. Their storylines are fascinating, and they offer a tonne of extra content. We will compare i-Slots and standard online slot machines in the next paragraph. 

i-Slots vs Slots 

Since i-Slots feature fun video clips, they’re more engaging for players than traditional slot machines. Each i-Slot begins with an animated video clip that describes the game’s concept and introduces the main characters. The game progresses by exposing the player to additional clips and opportunities to gain access to new content and minigames. Many i-Slot games are also available in series. 

The top i-Slots 

As the Reels Turn 

As the Reels Turn is faithful to the series’ overarching narrative idea. The plot involves gamblers in the El Paradiso casino and has various scatter symbols and, a bonus game. The reels spin and you earn additional credits.

Reel Crime 1: Bank Heist 

Reel Crime 1: Bank Theft, an incredibly popular Rival i-slot, is a crime-themed slot that takes you on a journey through the heist of a fictional bank. As you complete objectives in the bonus game, the map of the bank will unfold, revealing new areas to explore. Bonus coins and other game elements, such as a scatter symbol, would become accessible as you go through the levels. 

Reel Crime 2: Art Heist 

Reel Crime 2: Art Heist was created by Rival after the massive success of the first game in the series, Reel Crime. In this story, Remy and Raoul are two robbers who plan to rob a Paris gallery of a priceless Monet. The exciting heist is broken down into five distinct acts: “The Plan,” “The Tools,” “The Robbery,” “The Getaway,” and “Beach or Bastille” (the name of the store!). Follow the map’s progression as you make your way through each turn. Every bonus round presents a new and different test that must be passed before moving on. 

A Switch in Time 

A Switch in Time is squarely in the i-slots genre. This traditional take on time travel includes free games, multipliers, and a bonus round. In the bonus round, you could earn free games or money by completing historical quests—a game of immense dimensions for slot enthusiasts who prefer slots with an adventure theme. 

Spy Game 

Many people like stories about spies, and this one is no different. In this interactive slot machine, you get to play the part of a Super Spy and try to shut down a weapons production facility by spinning the protein reels. Its reels will be joined by a wild symbol and a multiplier to aid your efforts better. You’ll progress across the game’s map as you complete challenges, such as assembling a bomb for extra spins.

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