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Gori Nagori: Bio, Age, Life, Wiki, Career, Net Worth


Famous dancer, model, and social media sensation Gori Malik (also known as Gori Nagori) hails from Nagaur, Rajasthan.Growing up in the sleepy village of Nagaur, Gori developed a love for dancing after being inspired by the famous dancer and singer Shakira.


Famous dancer Gori Nagori takes pride in being a Haryanvi woman and says that her dancing prowess helped her become well-known.

Gori enjoys making others appreciate the art of dancing by making them dance as if no one is watching.

Gori Nagori Schooling, College, and Education,Gori Nagori is an art graduate who received her entire schooling in Rajasthan.

Unknown Methods of Relationship, Parents: GORI NAGORI

Nothing is known about Gori’s prior partnerships.

However, there are whispers and suspicions that she’s dating Kay-D, a co-star with whom she’s previously worked on a music video.

Although Gori’s mother’s identity is unknown, she is incredibly close to her father and brother.

Malik Gori Body Composition, Appearance, Height, and Weight

Gori Malik is of average height, with plump cheeks and a baby-face appearance.

Career, Music Video, TV Debut, Awards for Gori Nagori

Although Gori Nagori had her public debut in the song video “Gori Nache Re” in 2016, she gained notoriety after participating in numerous performances alongside the well-known Haryanvi dancer Sapna Choudhary.

She entered the renowned television reality show Bigg Boss 16 as a contestant after gradually riding the road to fame alongside her modelling career thanks to her talent.


List of Gori Nagori music videos: GORI NAGORI

Le Photo Le (2019), Pone Ki Bahu (2020), and Ganderi are only a few of the Rajasthani and Haryanvi music videos in which Gori has appeared (2020).

Favorite dancer, actor, and food for Gori Nagori,Shakira is the dancer Gori most wishes to meet and make an impression on.

Social media sites Gori Nagori, Instagram, and Twitter

Gori Nagori is the most active user on Instagram, where she has a following of almost 194K followers.

Bigg Boss 16’s Gori Nagori

Along with many other well-known actors and actresses, Gori Nagori is presently viewed as a fierce competitor in Bigg Boss Season 16.


Gori Nagori, a Haryanavi dancer, has acknowledged that the road to becoming a dancer was not easy. Even her own family, including her mother, was opposed, she said. She is a participant on Season 16 of Salman Khan’s reality series Bigg Boss. The controversial dancer Gori, who hails from Rajasthan, is well-known throughout northern India, particularly in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, and Delhi. When Bigg Boss 16 debuted last week, she entered.

Gori stated in an interview with ETimes that her mother and family were adamantly opposed to it. But as I quit my studies in the middle, she gradually came to see how much I enjoyed dance. She would tell me to go to school, but I would refuse. Now that I can’t speak English, I feel horrible. She claimed that she frequently received criticism for pushing boundaries and attempting to become a dancer. There were moments when things were very difficult, and I also got into arguments with a lot of people. But because I was so stubborn, I never gave up. I still recall getting calls from people telling me that because I am a Muslim, I shouldn’t be a dancer and shouldn’t have chosen this career. They would advise me not to do it.

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