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Why You Need an End-of-Lease Cleaning

Everyone who has ever leased a house in Australia knows that a pre-move cleaning called a “bond clean” must be completed before the tenant can get their security deposit back. Even if you’re confident in your cleaning abilities, most landlords need a professional cleaning before they return your security deposit.

It’s worth noting that landlords and homeowners planning to list their property for sale frequently hire end of lease cleaning services to complete cleaning.

What is the End of Lease Cleaning?

Your whole rental unit, including the bathroom, kitchen, and oven/range tops, will be cleaned after your term. It’s the act of removing any traces that show that you ever inhabited the area. This will allow the landlord to show the property to potential new tenants, who will hopefully not have to deal with your filth. Let a good company handle that for you. Most landlords now need a thorough cleaning after your lease to get your security deposit back. After you have cleaned the rental property and returned it to the landlord in the same pristine condition in which you found it, you will often get your security deposit.

The Value of EOL Cleaning Services

Help You Save Time and Effort

It’s already tricky and time-consuming to move. Professional movers can help transport your furniture and boxes from A to B, but you’ll still have to put in a lot of work to pack everything up and unpack it at your new home. And then there are all the practical considerations, which will consume much of your time.

The last thing you want to do after moving into your new apartment is to go back to your old place with a full arsenal of cleaning goods and give it a thorough going over. If you hire a professional cleaning service to help you clean up after you move out, you’ll have more time and energy to focus on other things, like unpacking, organising, and relaxing in your new home.

Decrease the Anxiety Associated with Moving

Moving is a physically and emotionally taxing experience for everyone involved. Why burden yourself with the extra work of clearing up your former apartment once you’ve moved out? When you engage a professional cleaner, you can be confident that your home will be spotless from top to bottom, using only the finest cleaning chemicals and equipment.

Recover Your Lost Deposit

Before moving in, did you pay a security deposit? If that’s the case, your security deposit should be returned to you once you vacate the premises. Your landlord or property management company may be within their rights to withdraw all or part of your security deposit and take legal action against you if the rental is left in an unacceptable state after you move out.

If you want to know the exact conditions of your security deposit, you should read your lease. However, one of the greatest methods to increase the likelihood of having your security deposit back is to hire a professional for a move-out cleaning. When the landlord or property manager inspects the unit after you move out and finds it in the same pristine condition in which you left it, they will know that you took good care of the property and will return your full security deposit.

If you’re planning to vacate soon and want to save your security deposit, it’s in your best interest to engage the end of lease cleaning services to get the job done promptly and thoroughly. Landlord-tenant disagreements frequently centre around cleaning. This is because most lease agreements stipulate that tenants must return the property in the same condition as when they first rented it. Property owners have a right to expect a spotless, undamaged dwelling. 

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