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4 Easy Cleaning Tips for Every Room in Your House

Cleaning your house is an easy chore that you should do regularly. However, people don’t often clean because of the time it takes. In addition, there are so many places to clean, requiring a lot of effort! 

Don’t worry, though. These five tips will help you find ways to quickly and efficiently clean up different areas in your home. If you need commercial cleaning company, hire a service that uses environmentally friendly materials.

1. Dust Difficult to Reach Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are a common source of dust and dirt. They’re easy to forget to clean, but that’s not to say you can ignore the dust on them!

Most have only one way to dust: the traditional method of using a vacuum. Using your vacuum, you can pick up a lot of dust very quickly on a fan. 

To eliminate dust, stand up on a ladder and carefully vacuum up all of it. This task doesn’t have to take long and doesn’t require a lot of effort. Plus, once you’ve vacuumed the dust, you don’t have to worry about it flying everywhere! It’s counterproductive if you’re airing out the room only to add extra dust that falls from a ceiling fan. 

2. Remove Food Stains in Your Oven

Cleaning your oven is a common task, but it is often difficult. You should constantly be aware of where food stains might end up. Many stains appear, mainly when using aluminum foil in your oven.

The best way to clean stains off the stove is by using an oven cleaner. Find a stain remover that has enough power to remove these stains. Spray the oven and let it sit for a while before wiping it off. 

A few products that should get the job done are: 

  • Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser
  • Mr. Clean Magic Eraser for Kitchen
  • Method Heavy Duty Degreaser
  • Kona Safe/Clean Oven & Grill Cleaner Spray

Stains tend to be stubborn in an oven, so removing them may take a while. Be patient, and do a little bit at a time until your range looks cleaner. 

3. Clean Your Dishwasher

Cleaning experts have a secret on how to best clean your dishwasher. They say the best way to clean a dishwasher is to put a quarter cup of dish soap in the tray. Next, fill it with hot water. The extra moisture makes the cleaning process a little easier.

Many prefer this cleaning method because it’s easier than cleaning it by hand. In addition, this technique kills all bacteria beginning to grow inside the dishwasher. Various websites and videos on YouTube can walk you through this easy task by providing a step-by-step guide.

4. Stop Spreading Dust

Dust is impossible to 100% get rid of, yet there are still ways to combat it. 

To keep your house cleaner, keep a towel or blanket on hand at all times. That way, cleaning up dust after a project is always accessible. A lot of time gets wasted when you have to retrieve cleaning supplies after a project. Plan to knock out as many projects as once to eliminate having to get everything out again. 

Microfiber cloths are also great tools to use while cleaning your home. They are cheap and are very efficient at doing the job of removing dust from your home.

As for making it easier to breathe, air purifiers are an excellent solution. You may have extra dust due to having a dog or cat. Also, an air purifier is perfect if you have allergies or wish to purify the air. 

You or someone in your household may smoke medical marijuana during the daytime. The smell gets intense, and you likely want to remove the smell of pot smoke. A residential air purifier can reduce the smell of marijuana as well. 


It is easy to clean your house with these five tips. Ensuring your home is always clean makes your time much more efficient and peaceful. People who put off daily cleaning tasks often find themselves frustrated. The cleaning tasks pile up, and you feel you never have enough time to finish them. With these tips, however, you can complete the job in half the time! 

These are just a few tips to keep your house clean. Continue to find more cleaning tips and tricks to maintain a sparkly and pleasant-smelling home 24/7! 

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