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What is a “Draw No Bet”? Instructions on how to play Draw No Bet most accurately

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Each different bet in football betting will have different ways of playing, outstanding types of rafters such as European rafters, Asian rafters, or scores… Surely everyone has heard of it, today 22Bet in Kenya to bet will introduce you to Draw No Bet. So what is Draw No Bet and how do I play it? The answer will be in the content of the article below.

                                     What is Draw No Bet?

Draw No Bet first appeared and flourished in European countries; it is also known as a return draw or a draw without counting.

A form of betting in which, if the match results in a draw, the house will automatically refund the bet to the player.

When playing, players only need to bet on the upper or lower, thus minimizing the risk to the maximum extent, with a low probability of losing bets and the possibility of winning up to 50%, and if the 2 teams tie. will be refunded as if never played.

Draw No Bet is not only popular in football betting, but it also appears in volleyball and tennis.

              Instructions on how to correctly play Draw No Bet

The first is to choose a reputable bookmaker to join, then access the house’s system according to your online account. For those who have just started playing, do not have an account, please proceed to register an account at the house according to the available form and fill in the required information correctly to complete the registration and proceed to access the house. that.

Select the match you want to participate in to bet with your desired bet and the odds offered by the bookie on the odds table before the match starts, Draw No Bet has the same game play as Bet Europe (1 x 2) with 2 bets that are:

Home team wins (H): bet that the home team wins.

Away team wins (A): bet on an away team win.

When betting is complete, players only need to follow the progress of the match and wait for the final result if:

  • If the bet results match the prediction, the player wins the bet and receives a prize.
  • If the bet results do not match the prediction, the player loses the bet and the original bet amount.
  • If the bet results in a tie, the player will be refunded the original bet amount and the loss will be considered nothing.

How to calculate the Draw No Bet bet:

  • Draw No Bet = Odds Draw No Bet x bet amount.
  • Winning bet = intended bet – Draw No Bet

                     Experience of catching Draw No Bet correctly

 Based on the difference in ability between the two teams

To participate in bets, players select matches with two teams of varying capacities, as well as the order of the rankings.Because the top team always has the ability to score a high goal or, if not, there will be a draw.

Based on information related to the team

Before choosing a bet, players need to learn all the information related to the two teams, such as: starting lineup, coach, play style of each team, injury situation, location, and time. competition…. To summarize, then, conduct selective analysis and then make accurate judgments about bet selection.

Compare the odds offered by various bookmakers.

Each bookmaker will offer odds at different levels, so players should learn and compare those odds between bookmakers to know which odds are most beneficial and suitable for them. And more importantly, it is important to choose the most reputable bookmaker today.

Combine the Draw No Bet at the same time with other bets

To increase their chances of winning and collecting a large bet bonus, players can combine bets like Draw No Bet with other markets like Asian Handicap, HT/FT Handicap, and so on.


In addition to understanding how to play Draw No Bet, in order to increase your chances of winning, players should pocket for themselves the experience of catching the correct bet. The information provided above should increase your chances of winning Draw No Bet significantly.

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