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Top IIM Kozhikode Executive MBA Courses for Beginners

IIM Kozhikode is one of India’s leading institutes, providing world-class management education to young leaders. The institute has received “Double Crown” accreditation by earning accreditation from the Association of MBAs (AMBA) and EQUIS, making it one of the few institutions in India to do so. 

IIM Kozhikode offers several executive MBA programmes to help professionals develop the skills required to lead and guide organisations to success.

This article will go over the top five IIM Kozhikode executive MBA courses for beginners.

General Management Programme for Business Excellence

This 10-month IIM Kozhikode executive MBA programme focuses on immersive and interactive learning via live online sessions, assignments and case studies, peer-to-peer learning, and a comprehensive capstone project. It enables students to gain in-depth knowledge of the latest management practices, provide critical perspectives, and advance to leadership positions.

The following are the programme’s learning outcomes:

  • Explore fundamental management principles and gain world-class business knowledge.
  • Develop skills and knowledge in core management and leadership areas.
  • Learn to leverage data and analytics to thrive in an ever-changing marketplace.
  • Improve organisational performance by leveraging digital business models and insights.

Product Management

This 39-week university course includes live and recorded lectures from top faculty and industry practitioners, assignments, quizzes, real-world case studies, and a capstone project. It helps professionals develop the skills and knowledge required to build innovative, compelling products that provide customer and business value and utilise product management as a path to growth in their organisations.

The following are the programme’s learning outcomes:

  • Develop the product mindset required to bring marketable products or services.
  • Evaluate strategies and frameworks for product development, marketing, and sales.
  • Outline a strategy for developing a competitive, scalable product using key product development strategies and frameworks.

Product Analytics

The 16-week IIM Kozhikode executive MBA programme aims to teach students a strategic and analytical approach to improving customer experience and developing better products. It assists professionals in developing a comprehensive understanding of product analytics through live sessions with top faculty, video lectures, assignments, quizzes, and a final project.

The following are the programme’s learning outcomes:

  • Learn about the fundamentals of product analytics as well as the process and design.
  • Understand digital analytics tools and techniques.
  • Learn about descriptive, predictive, and conjoint analysis.
  • Define product success and measure it using goals and metrics.

Financial Analysis and Financial Management

The university course in financial analysis and financial management covers everything from the fundamentals of finance and accounting to advanced concepts in risk management and corporate valuations. This 10-month IIM Kozhikode executive MBA programme provides a flexible learning journey through interactive live online sessions from leading industry experts and the opportunity to apply your learning in real-world scenarios.

The following are the programme’s learning outcomes:

  • Understand advanced financial concepts such as financial derivatives, risk management, and corporate valuation to guide organisational decisions.
  • Learn about financial instruments and markets.
  • Understand and apply fundamental accounting principles, and analyse financial statements to predict financial performance.
  • Develop a strong foundation in financial analysis and management.

Design Thinking and Innovation Programme

It is a 28-week online programme aimed at offering professionals a deeper understanding of business objectives, the ability to design simple, productive, and compelling solutions, and the skills to succeed in a fast-changing ecosystem. The university course allows students to delve deeper into design thinking and innovation and apply them as business strategies through online learning, dedicated support, and peer learning.

The following are the programme’s learning outcomes:

  • Utilise design thinking strategies for business success and innovation.
  • Learn about the tools for gathering consumer insights.
  • Define the consumer behaviour models in service markets.
  • Develop innovative services by utilising the service design tool kit and techniques.
  • Manage changes occur due to the organisation’s adoption of new service designs.

Check out the IIM Kozhikode executive MBA programmes if you want to learn more about the online courses.


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