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Three Steps to Consider To Live A Better Life In 2023

Is 2023 going to be your year? We certainly hope so and despite the current climate globally, it is totally possible to completely change your life over the next 12 months…for the better!

The turn of every year always brings fresh hope for people, and while we all make resolutions at New Year, almost half of us expect to give those up by the end of the month. Which isn’t exactly life changing, is it?

So, how exactly can you change your life over the next 12 months?

Step 1: How Do You Want To Make Your Life Better?

For many people, new goals at the start of the year are fitness related, but they’re often quite loose. “Getting fit” doesn’t really have an end goal, so think about how exactly you wish to make your life better, and what part of your life needs changing in order to do that craigslist free stuff.

For example, you may hate your job and want to find a better work/life balance or change your career. That’s certainly an achievable goal, but how exactly does that look?

You may feel that your health has suffered as a result of drinking too much alcohol over the last few years. Then how does giving that up look, and is it achievable? Do you need professional help to alcohol detox or check in for a spell in rehab to make that work?

Don’t just think about how you want to make your life better, but also lay out step by step plans on how to achieve those goals.

Step 2: Embrace Discomfort

One of the main reasons people fall short when it comes to changing their lives, often reverting back to their previous selves quite quickly, is because it’s too difficult or a step too far out of their comfort zone.

However, if you are serious about changing your life, you need to break beyond your comfort zone and embrace the discomfort that brings. That can be a slow process and start pretty simply, such as ordering a different meal at your local restaurant to what you usually do, open yourself up to new genres of music, or even simply taking a different route home from work.

They’re all just small changes that in the bigger picture will help you be more open to change and trying something new.

Step 3: What May Hold You Back?

So, you’re stepping out of your comfort zone and are committed to doing that. But it isn’t just that which will hold you back, there are other factors too that could put a halt on you changing your life.

Consider what those factors may be and how you get beyond them. They could come in all manner of forms, from friendship groups and social circles, to your own anxieties.

Finances could be a factor, in which case how do you work around those, while perhaps you may not have the skills to start a new business you wish to, for example. In which case, how do you upskill?

Don’t just consider the things that may hold you back, but also the solutions to such problems, so you can tackle them head on when they arise and ensure that 2023 is the year you not only want it to be, but so much more too!

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