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How Indoor Running Can Cause Knee Problems for You

Are you in the early forties or in your late thirties? It is natural that you start to gain undue weight. There are many cases of perfectly fit people putting on a huge amount of weight in their mid-life. If you are someone like that and if you have started to try indoor running as a fitness regime, then you should definitely read this. True that running is a good overall exercise for your body. It helps you to burn a lot of calories and it will help you lose weight easily. At the same time, there are many downsides to it and you should take certain precautions to safeguard yourself from these problems.

Inclination of Treadmills Puts Stress on Knees

Many people who start with running don’t know the importance of running for a long time. Particularly if they have been athletic earlier in their life, they assume that they can easily sail through the running and exert unnecessary pressure on their legs. Some people try to go for the hardest setting on the treadmill and incline it a little too much. This inclination puts a lot of stress on the knees. Human body is not generally made for hilly climbs. Our flat foot and upright spine means it will get a lot of impact on hard steps and landings. This can result in the injury of knees and weakening of the knee joints.

Keep it Flat for Smooth Exercise

When you start to do online running, ensure that you are doing it for a longer period of time and not for a short duration and high intensity workout that is causing you more harm than good. Keep the setting on the treadmill for a flat surface. This way, you will be able to run for a longer duration which will translate to a lot of calorie and fat burn. You will lose that additional pound of fat from your body.

Run Slowly But for a Longer Time

Don’t do harsh running. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t practise things like HIIT. Yes, High Intensity Interval Training is an excellent way in which you can shock your body into losing weight and fat. But don’t make a run that delivers a large impact on your knees. If you find it hard to continue running for a long period of time, then you can choose to use an online running app like Vingo. Vingo creates a perfect virtual world in which you can workout either alone or with your friends. This way, there is nothing to worry about.

Use the Vingo App & Enjoy Your Exercises

You can use the Vingo app on your iPhone and then connect it with your treadmills. Once the connection has been established, you will get a good user interface and running experience for your exercises. You can also run along with your family members in the online world. You can use the Vingo app to pair your indoor bike and create similar exciting workouts. So, what are you waiting for?


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