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The future of BCA: What does the industry hold for graduates?

BCA Degree is one of the most sought-after technical courses because of the growing demand for IT experts in India and international countries. If you are a BCA aspirant and curious to know what this industry holds for BCA graduates, then you have landed on the right page. In this blog, we’ll shed light on BCA, BCA college in Raipur, and the future of the BCA degree.

Overview of the BCA degree

Bachelor of computer application is an undergraduate course that emphasizes learning the fundamentals of software development and computer application. This degree is opted by students who are interested in establishing a strong academic foundation for a career in computer applications.

Eligibility Criteria of BCA college in Raipur

Students applying for the BCA course must have passed class 12th or equivalent with any stream.

Skill Set required for BCA course

  • Creativity
  • Analytical thinking
  • Teamwork
  • Strong communication skills
  • Strong database concepts
  • Deep understanding of computers and IT
  • Programming knowledge

Future of BCA after studying at BCA college in Raipur

  1. Higher education opportunities
  2. MCA– Students prefer to choose MCA after BCA to gain expertise in their specialization and excel in the field of technology.
  1. MBA– To get a managerial job position in the company, BCA graduates pursue an MBA degree. An MBA degree also enhances your chance to secure a high-paying job. The average salary of BCA+MBA is 7 lakhs per annum. 
  1. Master in information management– Students who are passionate about working with datasets can pursue a Master in Information Management or MSIM. By turning massive datasets into valuable information, this course will teach you how to organize and evaluate information.
  1. Master in computer management– Master in Computer Management is the study of computer science. Graduates of the MCM program can pursue careers in a variety of computer-related industries. Candidates could work as a data administrator, in the e-commerce industry, or developing management-related software, among other positions.

Apart from above mentioned courses, BCA graduates can also apply for short-term courses in cyber security, coding, network security, or digital marketing. These courses and certifications will enhance the expertise of students and will widen the career opportunity scope of BCA graduates.

  1. Job Opportunities
  1. Web Developer– For a BCA graduate, a web developer is one of the ideal career opportunities because it allows them to use their understanding of HTML, JavaScript, and PHP in their work. In this job, candidates have to perform technical duties so you must be capable of designing and maintaining websites.
  1. Web Designer– With the use of coding, a web designer does research, development, and management of internet websites. Your work as a web designer will be to build visually appealing websites that are easy for users to browse by fusing texts with pictures, audio, and video. 
  1. Software/ application Developer– As businesses are moving online, all sectors require qualified software or application developers. As a software developer, you will be in control of every stage of the software lifecycle, from conception through deployment and maintenance of a website.
  1. Data Scientist– Data scientists are highly demanded careers in the present times. To get this position, you’ll also need to have extra certifications in big data, data visualization, and predictive analysis in addition to your BCA.
  1. Computer Programmer- Computer programmers create, alter, and test codes that affect how well computer programs or applications work. They work together with programmers to translate their ideas into instructions that a computer can then obey.
  1. System Engineer– System engineers are experts who analyze a system’s issues and decide how to fix them, which may involve creating brand-new solutions from the start. Also, they are in charge of giving clients advice on the hardware and software required to make sure their computer system meets their needs.
  1. System Analyst– System analysts are experts responsible for making sure a company’s computer and network infrastructure meets its operational requirements. They assure that all systems function at peak performance by collaborating closely with the IT or computer department.
  1. Network Administrator– An organization’s network is managed, monitored, kept safe, and serviced through a network administrator. Yet, based on an organization’s size and structure, specific activities and procedures could change.

Top recruiters that hire BCA graduates are-

  1.   TCS
  2. IBM
  3. Microsoft
  4. Capgemini
  5. Tech Mahindra
  6. Wipro
  7. HCL
  8. Oracle
  9. Indian Air Force
  10.  Indian Army
  11.  Indian Navy
  12.  NIIT
  13.  Infosys
  14.  Accenture

Kalinga University in Raipur, Chhattisgarh

Kalinga University, an education center for more than 5000 students across the world offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the discipline of engineering, law, pharmacy, humanities, computer science, IT, etc.

This private university in Chhattisgarh offers a BCA course with a duration of 3 years. The admission process at Kalinga University is based on the merit basis of the KALSEE exam. KALSEE is an entrance exam conducted by the University for all the courses. 


The most significant employer of BCA graduates is the IT sector, and this will continue in the years to come. And by reading this blog you are aware of the future scope of this degree. So, do not wait and take the initiative to enter the IT industry by joining the promising University in Chhattisgarh.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the fee for the BCA course at Kalinga University, Raipur?

BCA course fee of Kalinga University-

For Chhattisgarh residents-256750 INR

For students from the rest of India- 316750 INR

  1. Which subjects are taught in the BCA college in Raipur?

The core subjects of BCA consist of Computer networks, operating systems, computer graphics, and animation, programming in Java, DBMS, and introduction to programming. 

  1. What is the salary of a BCA graduate?

The starting salary of a BCA graduate may range from 3 LPA- 6 LPA. And with the increasing experience salary will gradually increase.

  1. Is a BCA degree hard to study?

No, the BCA degree is not hard. Even if you know very little or nothing about computer science, you can still enroll in the BCA program because all the principles will be explained to you from scratch.


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