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Surprising Facts about Different Forms of Contraception

Contraception planning allows you to attain your desired number of children, if any, and to space your pregnancies as you wish. You can avoid unintended pregnancies thanks to the different forms of Boca Raton birth control. When choosing the most appropriate contraceptive method, there are many elements that women or couples need to consider. These elements or factors include safety, effectiveness, acceptability, and availability, which include accessibility and affordability. Selecting a birth control method can be hard, but your OBGYN at MyDoc Women’s Health Specialists can help. Read on to learn some of the surprising facts about contraceptives.

The male condom also protects against some STIs

The latex male condom is the only contraceptive that protects against some sexually transmitted infections. Polyurethane and latex condoms are the only forms of contraception that prevent pregnancies and protect against some sexually transmitted infections. The benefits of using condoms are that besides pregnancy prevention, they protect you against STIs such as HIV, and they are available without a prescription. However, when used alone, condoms have a failure rate of about 13 percent, and they don’t offer 100 percent protection against STIs like the human papillomavirus.

IUD use has tripled in recent years

Intrauterine devices have been available for decades, but their use declined in the 1970s and 80s. That is because the devices used then had a design flaw that pulled bacteria into the uterus, causing pelvic inflammatory disease, which could result in infertility or even death Contraception. Today’s devices redesigned, extremely safe, and even more effective. However, they still carry a small risk of uterine perforation and infection. Once the doctor places it in the uterus, you protected against pregnancy for a few years. IUDs best suited for women who are not planning on becoming pregnant for several years.

The pill the most commonly known birth control method

The pill is the most popular reversible form of birth control, but it is not for everyone; its use typically decreases with age. One advantage of the pill is that you can easily discontinue its use if you want to get pregnant. Besides preventing pregnancy, the pill has additional benefits; it eases PMN, acne, heavy bleeding, and painful periods.

However, the combined pill, which contains estrogen and progestin hormones, is not an option for every woman. Not only does one need to take them every day and preferably at the same time, but they can also raise the risk of a blood clot. Women who smoke and are over 35 years should opt for another contraceptive, as also women with a history of blood clots or breast cancer.

Female sterilization is permanent but popular: Contraception

Female sterilization involves blocking or sealing the fallopian tubes to prevent pregnancy permanently. It prevents eggs from traveling down the fallopian tubes, meaning they can’t meet sperm, so fertilization can’t happen. Any woman can be sterilized, but the procedure should be considered for women who don’t want any more children or don’t want children at all. It is not easy to reverse sterilization, so you must consider all options before deciding.

Request an appointment with your doctor at MyDoc Women’s Health Specialists to know the best birth control method for you Contraception.

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