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Reasons to Considering Neck Lift Surgery

Aging is an inevitable stage that every individual has to undergo in their lifetime. Some common signs of aging are wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin, making you appear older than your actual age. However, various procedures can help improve your physical appearance by dealing with aging symptoms. One of the commonly performed cosmetic procedures is a neck lift. Usually, there are various reasons why one might opt to undergo a neck lift. If you are interested in dealing with sagging skin around your neck, you can undergo Scottsdale neck lift surgery to help you look younger and more attractive. Some of the reasons for undergoing neck lift surgery.

Reduces the appearance of platysmal bands

Platysmal bands are common in older female patients and usually affect your neck’s physical outlook. In most cases, the platysmal bands exist as two muscle strips at the proximal end of your neck. They then up the right and front left sides of your neck. In this case, a neck lift is performed to help reduce the appearance of the bands, thus leaving your neck smoother and more attractive.

Reduces excess skin

Like other facial rejuvenation procedures such as facelifting, neck lift surgery help reduce excess skin. During a neck lift, your doctor removes sagging skin, thus allowing your neck muscles to be tightened. Doing so gives your neck a more toned and smooth appearance of your lower face and neck.

Tightens underlying muscles

After the excess skin below your neck has been removed, the muscles tighten, thus giving you a smoother outlook. Once the muscles get tightened, your neck and lower face glow and become more youthful. Even though a neck lift does not halt the aging process, it makes your neck look younger.

Reduces wrinkles

Unlike other cosmetic procedures, such as dermal fillers, which help soften fine lines, neck lift surgery usually reduces the appearance of deep wrinkles found around your neck and lower face. Reducing the wrinkles on your neck makes you look more youthful, thus making it the best anti-aging treatment available.

Its results are long-lasting

One of the main reasons why people opt to undergo neck lift surgery is because its outcomes are long-lasting. In most cases, a neck lift surgery cannot stop the aging process, but it can help keep aging at bay. Therefore, if you are interested in a cosmetic procedure that can help with sagging skin around your neck and want long-lasting results, a neck lift might be the best solution.

Generally, a neck lift surgery can also help contour your jawline and chin, thus giving you a more youthful outlook. In most cases, after undergoing neck surgery, you appear younger than other people of your age. Therefore, if you have noted sagging skin or wrinkles around your neck, which has started affecting your physical appearance, you can start by scheduling your appointment at Arizona Ocular & Facial Plastic Surgery today and undergo a neck lift to help improve your appearance. You can also consult your care provider to determine whether you qualify for neck lift surgery. 

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