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Soundarya Sharma: Bio, Age, Height, Controversy, Big Boss Contestant

Soundarya Sharma is a celebrity Indian actress who known for working in the over-the-top media service, better known as the OTT industry, series. She is also a dentist. Hence, it is the reason she calls herself Doctor Soundarya.

Soundarya Sharma Biography

Soundarya is a famous Indian actress, model, social media personality, reality shows face, and dentist. She became famous in India after becoming part of season 16 of Big Boss, which did run from October 2022 to February 2023. It did make her famous in India. She is also known for playing the role of an actress in music videos.

She was born on 20 September 1994 in New Delhi, India. As of 2023, Soundarya Sharma age is 28 years old. She is a Hindu Brahmin who was born and brought up in New Delhi only.

She is known for playing lead or character roles in Indian series and movies. She does seem keen on less of being a daily soap20 September makes Virgo her zodiac sign as per the Western zodiac. However, she has Cancer as her astrological sign. She is an Indian who does follow the Sanātana Dharma. Many do also call it as Hindu religion.

Soundarya Sharma

Soundarya’s Physical Appearance

Soundarya is a beautiful lady who has an hourglass body type. She has dark brown eyes and hair. It complements her fair white skin very well. Soundarya Sharma height is 5 feet and 5 inches, 1.65 m or 165 cm. She does yoga and exercises regularly. Hence, she keeps her weight around 65 kg.

Her body measurements are 36-28-36 inches. Her cup size is 36 C. Her feet size is 6.5 (US). Her dress is medium to large. Being a doctor, she does work hard in overall fitness.

Soundarya Sharma Family

Soundarya Sharma
Soundarya Sharma Family

Naresh Sharma is the father of Soundarya and Usha Sharma is the mother of the Indian actress. She is blessed to have two siblings. Avinash Sharma is her brother and Mona Sharma is her sister. She lived in a family of 5 members. Soundarya is very much connected with her family, and she lived with them for a large part of her live in New Delhi where she was born and brought up.

Her mother seen in the Bigg Boss season 16 where there was a family weekend and hence, she did enter the house for a day and everybody liked the personality of her mother Usha. Even many of Soundarya’s features have come from her mother. Her mother worked as a teacher and her father also worked in a reputation job. She comes from a very stable and respected family.

Soundarya Sharma’s Education

Soundarya is a well-educated lady. She is famous for doing a Bachelor of Dental Surgery BDS from Los Angeles, California. During this time, she spotted many times around Hollywood Hills. While she did get her basic education from New Delhi only. She has got her primary, middle, and high school education from New Delhi only. She a very educated lady who was famous at school for being keen on extracurricular activities as well as studies. From a young age, she fascinated with biology. She was one of those students who did manage both studies and extracurricular activities very well.

Soundarya’s Professional Career

Soundarya Sharma

She made her debut in Ranchi Diaries, which was a romantic film that came in 2017. It made her even win Jharkhand International Film Festival’s Best Debutant award. However, she did rise to fame after taking part in the 16th season of Big Boss. Here she did stay mostly until the end and became very famous. Here people did get to know many things about Soundarya and what makes her special or different.

She did to the United States for learning the craft of becoming a dentist. However, she then decided to make a career as an actress and model. In this bio, we are going to tell everything one should know about Soundarya and what makes her famous.

Soundarya did get a degree in Dental Surgery. At that time, she was thinking of becoming a full-time desist. However, living in New Delhi, and knowing some high-profile names helped her to make her dream come true of becoming an actress and model. It has helped her to become an actress who works mostly on OTT series and movies in India and works as an actress for music videos. She also does a lot of modeling work also. She did make her debut in a series named Ranchi Diaries in 2017.

It was a romantic acting debut where she did play the role of lead and won awards also at Zee Cine Awards. However, the world knows her for being in the Big Boss season 16. At the Lokmat Stylish Awards in 2018, she named Lokmat Most Stylish Diva Award. She did take Park in Garmi Mein Chill’s music video as an actress for Times Music.

2022 did see her working for Raktanchal 2. For the MX Player series, she did play the role of Roli. Not just this, she known for conducting workshops at Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute and the New York Film Academy. She did play a role in a Bollywood movie named Thank God. It was a cameo where she did play the role of Tanya. In 2022, she did work in Karm Yuddh and the Country Mafia series. She is an actress who is on high and keeps on working for top names as an actress.

Soundarya Linked To Have A Relationship With Sajid Khan

Famous Indian doctor Sajid Khan was also a part of season 16 of Big Boss along with Soundarya. They did not seem to have something going on in the show at all. Even Sajid used to call her beta, which means child. As she saw picturing images with her at parties, many did create these fake rumors as there is nothing going on between them. She said: “I am deeply hurt and disappointed by these false stories linking me with Said.

I have always admired him as a friend, mentor, and elder brother. It’s upsetting that even in this day and age, women are subject to link-up stories. It’s time that society stops looking at us through the narrow prism of who we are dating and focuses on what we are accomplishing.”It is a rumor created by journalists for click bets as both of them are like kind of elder brother and young sister.

Soundarya Sharma Big Boss: Story

Soundarya Sharma Big Boss season 16, where she comes with the face of an upcoming superstar. Hence, she is not known to many people unlike some of the other names like MC Stan and all. At first, she did have a good relationship with Shalin Bhanot, Tina Dutta, and Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia. But she only had one good friend and that was Gautam Vig as three both them did change their groups for a while. After Gautam was out of the show, she did start a good relationship with Archana Gautam who was the story of season 16 of Big Boss. Despite they did have some ups and downs, Archana and Soundarya always helped each other a lot.

Unlike others, she was not a personality who would make relationships because of being in a group and helping to secure from getting nominated. Despite not having a great fan base, she did stay at the house for 84 days and even though fans did not evict her, the contestant did.

She evicted because Shiv Thakare did feel the fact that Soundarya can be a major problem as she is good at playing games. Otherwise, she could have gone a bit deeper also. But mostly, the fans did like her game and fashion Indian attires loved them. The Big Boss season 16 did present that she is a very confident lady who believes in her ability and fair play. For some time, she did have a good relationship with Priyanka Choudhary and Ankit Gupta, it was a good relationship. By the end of the show, she was in a deep relationship with Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia.

Soundarya’s Feels Reality Shows and Movies

Indian actress Soundarya, who became very famous in the 16th season of Big Boss Hindi, said that it is hard for her to do reality shows like Big Boss again despite she is thankful for the show as Soundarya feels that these kinds of shows do bring the side of her that she does not have otherwise. She does not like to fight for common things like groceries and all for no reason.

Hence, she did express this feeling to the media on 02 May 2023. The Indian actress and model said: “I am not somebody who can fight and abuse over food, sugar, and coffee and pass derogatory remarks and be nasty to people. Sometimes you just get dragged by the Chugli gang and all. I think it’s a part and parcel because what do you do sitting there the whole day surrounded by discussions? I believe if I can sail through that, I can sail through anything.”

Soundarya told to media about why she broke up with Gautam Vig

On May 31, 2023, Soundarya told the first time to the media that why she did not carry her relationship forward with Gautam Vig after Big Boss 16. It was the first time she spoke about it after the Big Boss season 16 show. Basically, Soundarya felt that she was not getting questions to some answers that she wanted from the end of Gautam despite he did contact him after Soundarya got out of the show in early 2023.

This is the quote she gave to the media:

She said “He did reach out to me. But if I did matter to him, why he wasn’t consistent while apologizing to me? I am very upfront. Mutual respect is very important and I do respect that. If you are honest about your feelings, you would keep trying for it until it’s superficial. I am somebody who believes in people. So for me, it was different. But again, you learn things”. She further said “ I did contact him and confront him about many things, but in return, I didn’t get clarity on many questions. That was the time I realized that something was wrong as you need to be connected to understand the other. The feelings and emotions are the same. But, the reaction is different.” This does show that Soundarya has moved on well from the life of Indian actor Gautam Vig.

Soundarya Sharma On Social Media

Soundarya Sharma Instagram on 7.1M followers. She does like to share posts about her traveling, golden moments, modeling shoots, and other work. On Twitter, she has 146.7K Followers. She did join Twitter in July 2017. On Twitter, she even followed John Cena. It does talk a lot about her fame. But many do say that she has many fake followers on Instagram.

Even Tina said on Big Boss season 16 that we know that she has fake than 5 million followers on Instagram. Even her likes and comments do not match 5 million back then and even now. She does have a good number of followers, but they are not at 7 million. But now it does seem to be a common practice in the world of celebs.

Soundarya Sharma Net Worth

Soundarya Sharma net worth is $1.5 million. She has gained this fame from her work and the wealthy background she comes from. In Big Boss, Soundarya told that she wears a Blue Sapphire that does worth around 45 lakhs. Before coming to Big Boss, she did buy a Mercedes C-class car of black color. She said in an interview given to Mashable India’s YouTube channel that it was her dream to have this car. After Big Boss, she is getting more work and sponsorships also. Soundarya does carry luxury bags also. Other than that, she does help NGO children to know the value of cleaning teeth and how they can manage oral hygiene.


  • Soundarya Sharma’s hobbies are dancing, gymming, traveling, and clubbing.
  • Soundarya does know how to swim.
  • She likes to read books.
  • She has a pet named Nanhu who is a Shih Tzu dog. Soundarya now lives in Mumbai, India.
  • The parents of Soundarya live in New Delhi.
  • She likes to watch both Bollywood and Hollywood movies and series.
  • The Indian actress is a very good friend of Sajid–the Wajid Musical duo.
  • She is a dentist by profession.  


Q Why she is famous?

Soundarya is famous for being a very beautiful actress and model who is famous for being in the Big Boss season 16.

Q What is Soundarya Sharma age?

she was born on 20 September 1994 in New Delhi, India. It means she is 28 years old.

Q Who is her family?

She has Naresh Sharma as her father and Usha Sharma as her mother. She has Avinash Sharma as her brother and Mona Sharma as her sister. 

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