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Know About The Best Entrepreneur Jayda Wayda, About Her Bio


The super famous influencer, actress, and businesswoman- Jayda Cheaves – is a mama to Lil Baby’s baby. But she is more than just a mother and an influencer, and here’s to more of her life: 

Biography Of Jayda Wayda 

Jayda Wayda was born in September of 1997 to Tricia Cheaves and her zodiac sign is Libra. Her birthplace is Savannah, Georgia, and holds American citizenship. One of her favorite things to do in life includes traveling. 

The Physical Appearance Of Jayda

Jayda has a height of 5’1 ft and maintains a body weight of 56 kg. 

Family Of Jayda Wayda 

Although Jayda’s mother is Tricia Cheaves, her father’s identity isn’t disclosed. She was born in the USA and raised along with her two siblings, a brother named Len and a sister named Ameerah. 

Jayda’s Early Life

Savannah, Georgia is the birthplace of Jayda Wayda, but she has now shifted her residence to Atlanta in Georgia. As a school student, Jayda would sell home-baked snacks made by her grandmother. Gradually, she took her ideas of selling to poshmark and sold some of her items. The quick and positive response at poshmark inspired Jayda even more to establish her own clothing brand. And just when she turned sixteen, she started her first clothing brand. 

Jayda’s Education

Jayda Wayda did her schooling at Windsor Forest high school, after which, she enrolled in an undergraduate program at the University of Georgia

Career Of jayda Wayda

Jayda moved out of her parent’s home in 2017 and lived on her own in Atlanta. Alongside, she started a new outlet where she would retail hair products. As of now, she’s a full-time entrepreneur and received her first set of customer management experience from her first outlet itself. Although her first outlet wasn’t a huge bloom and she had to shut it down, Jayda didn’t let this foremost major loss demotivate her. Right away, she invested in her own clothing line, Waydanin, which currently caters to fashion clothing

Jada Wayda’s Relationship Status With Lil Baby

Jayda got much of her fame from Lil baby a.k.a Dominique Jones who initially met her in 2016. They had a relationship of two years, after which both decided to part ways but at the same time, Jayda was expecting, so they patched up and raised their son together. 

Married Life Of Jayda

Jayda has a son with Lil baby as of now. However, they have never married and are rather not together anymore as they reportedly broke up once again in 2022. 

Achievements Of Jayda Wayda

A few appearances that Jayda has seen include the 2022 film, Bid for love and The Impact. She has also collaborated with many other big influencers like Keke Palmer and Logan Paul. 

In 2014, she received a total of four honors. A year later in 2015, she received IMTV awards for best direction, Best Conceptual video in the 2015 Virginia hip hop music awards, and the emerging filmmaker award for best director in the same year at soul train film festival. In 2016, she got another best director (poetry) award at Hatty’s royal teen. 

Jayda Wayda On Social Media

Jayda can be seen actively updating her Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube accounts. She became a member of the YouTube community only in 2018 but grew it further to over 350k subscribers by 2023. Meanwhile, her Instagram family is huge and has over 8 million followers. 

Jayda Wayda Net Worth

Jayda has worked very hard in her life to become a millionaire with a net worth of over $4 million


Jayda Cheaves is proud of herself and is a huge supporter of Black lives matter. Also, she is a keen lover of tattoo art and has a few on herself, too. She has become a successful entrepreneur and carries a remarkable personality. And despite all the success, she seems to continue putting effort and working hard in her life.

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