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Kendra Harrison: Bio, Age, Net Worth, US Athlete

Kendra Harrison is indeed not a super famous athlete – but she is a very famous name in her world which is the field of hurdlers. Being a track and field athlete, it is her aroma which does captivate several people to join her to make a statement. Hence, we have seen a lot of other sports stars respecting her from the bottom of their hearts. Possibly, it is very hard to find one sportsperson like her who does understand the point of view of many. It indeed makes her a personality to know. Hence, let us know more about Kendra. 

Kendra Harrison: Bio

Kendra Harrison is a very famous hurdle athlete. In a common term, she is famous as a track and field star. Born on 18 September 1992, Kendra’s zodiac sign is Tennessee, United States. It, firstly, shows that her zodiac sign is Virgo. Secondly, the very fact clears that her nationality is American. Kendra, who does represent African-American roots and is a proud part of black ethnicity, do follow the Christian religion. Due to her family, she is very much religious. It shows how much she does believe in the words of Lord Jesus. Her age is 30 years.

Physical Stats of Kendra Harrison

Kendra is a very good-looking lady with a classical style. Kendra Harisson height is 5 feet and 3 inches tall. Being a sports star, it is natural that Kendra does take care of her body very well. Therefore, she weighs around 65 kg. Her body measurements are 36-36-36 inches. Dark brown eyes and black hair indeed take her looks to a stylish level. Despite backing several modern trends, she does not feel too worried about doing any cosmetic surgery to make her look better or putting any tattoo on her body. Possibly, Kendra likes to keep things normal so she can focus on her professional career. 

Kendra Harrison: Childhood, Parents, Siblings, Education 

Kendra Harrison was born and brought up in Tennessee, United States. If you do not know, Kendra is an adopted child of Gary Harrison and Karon Harrison. Just like any other father and mother, Gary and Karon took care of Kendra very well, while growing up. It did help her to live the best possible childhood. Kendra grew up with five brothers and five sisters. She does not share biological relations with them – but do hold the connection of love. Her parents adopted eight children out of 10. During her school days, she was decent in academics but was very good at soccer (football). She loved to sport too much and wanted megastars of the game playing in Europe from TV mostly. However, when she went to Clayton High School, she started her track and field journey. Despite taking the sport too late, she did manage to make a great name in the history of this sport. It indeed shows her class in style.     

Kendra Harrison: Professional Career 

Kendra Harrison made her professional debut in 2015. Before turning pro, she did win several events as a college star. At the 2018 NACAC Championships, she won the gold medal in 100 m hurdles in Toronto, Canada. In the same year, Kendra won a gold medal at the World Indoor Championships in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom. 

Kendra Harrison
Sports star Kendra Harrison

However, winning silver at the 2019 World Championships in 100 m hurdles in Doha, Qatar, did change her career in style as she indeed started to believe a lot more in her abilities. 

At the Tokyo Olympics in 2021, she won a silver medal for the United States and made her family proud. She wanted to win gold but for her family, even silver was not bad.   

Kendra Harrison: Love Life

Kendra Harrison keeps her love life private. Hence, she does not like to share information about it. Kendra is a beautiful lady and can date hunks. However, her passion for sports does not allow her to feel this magic as much as she possibly wants. 

Social Media

Kendra has over 58.6k followers on Instagram. It indeed shows that she is a famous name. On Twitter, she has more than 14.1k followers. Mostly, one can see her sharing her family life and professional work with her fans on social media.

Net Worth 

Kendra’s net worth is not available as of now. However, the information will be updated soon. 

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