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Eight Ways to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not just eating right and working out. Even these two basic things will not work if you do not introduce major changes in your routine to improve your overall health. For example, eating at odd times and only working out sometimes will create a misbalance. Stress, overworking, and irregular sleep cycles may contribute to weight gain, despite exercise.

Therefore, you need to consider a holistic view of your health to stay fit and active. It includes indulging in self-care, developing Alkasol Syrup and maintaining healthy relationships, learning new skills, letting go of negativity for peace of mind, and staying away from addictive substances. Developing healthy habits will let you live a happier and more productive life. Your mental and emotional stability and spiritual health are equally essential. You must learn to maintain a balance between all these to lead a healthier lifestyle.

According to a published study from the Archives of Internal Medicine, only 3% of Americans lead a healthy lifestyle. It is because while they may take care of certain things, they end up ignoring most health concerns.

Therefore, let us look at a few essential points you must remember to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Stay Sober

It is a very important element in staying healthy. While drinking in moderation is fine, too much of it can add to your weight and make you addicted. If you find it hard to limit your consumption, seek help from addiction centers like Delphi Behavioral Health Group and get the necessary treatment. It will help detox your body and eliminate any chances of you facing health concerns because of it, along with offering other remedies like counseling and outpatient treatment.

Develop Emotional Intelligence

Feeling an emotion and reacting according to it is natural. However, developing emotional intelligence helps you manage your emotions and others’ to avoid letting a situation get out of hand. It also helps manage your stress levels, which might lead to weight gain. Therefore, you also take care of your emotional health by being emotionally intelligent.

Good emotional intelligence means thinking before you respond, understanding the other person’s situation before judging them, not jumping to conclusions, and trying not to overreact to something.

Your stable emotional state plays a major role in your overall health. It limits sudden anger outbursts, helps reduce stress, and lets you manage your behavior.

Reduce Your Sitting and Screen Time

It has become a very common concern. Nowadays, people work more on the computer, spend too much time staring at their phones, and sit at their desks for eight to nine hours a day. It has become a norm for most Americans.

Regular workouts and exercise cannot immunize you from sedentary time. People who work out daily also risk developing diabetes, heart problems, and stroke if they do not limit their sedentary time.

The only solution is to limit your screen time as much as possible. Take breaks during work and walk around several times during the day.

Develop a Strong Gut

The bacteria in our gut, the gut microbiota, are incredibly crucial in fighting diseases. We need to train these bacteria to fight external bacteria that lead to health issues like obesity and digestive concerns.

A good way to develop strong gut health is by consuming prebiotics-rich foods. These may include apples, bananas, asparagus, oats, and artichokes. Moreover, fermented foods like yogurt and cheese are also effective in reducing the amount of disease-causing bacteria in our gut.

Avoid Bright Lights before Sleeping

Exposing your eyes to the blue light wavelength starting in the evening, mainly from your mobile screens, can disrupt the production of melatonin – a sleep hormone.

One way to combat this is by wearing blue light-blocking glasses while looking at any digital screen for longer periods. Do not look at any screen for about an hour before sleep. In this way, your body will naturally be able to produce melatonin starting in the evening to let you sleep better.

Take Vitamin Supplements

Taking multivitamins can cover any vitamin deficiencies in your body. However, remember that supplements are only a secondary source of vitamins. If you are not eating green vegetables and citrus fruits, the primary source of vitamins, supplements alone cannot cover it. By consuming vegetables, fruits, milk, and yogurt, you also consume fibers, minerals, calcium, and antioxidants from natural sources.

In contrast, the role of supplements is only to cover a certain percentage of defined vitamin deficiency in your body.

A good practice is to test your vitamin levels and consume accordingly. And if the test proves that you have a deficiency of several vitamins, a great way of enriching your body with vitamins may be taking certain types of IV therapies, which contain various vitamins and nutrients. For example, Myer’s cocktail includes B-Complex Vitamins, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, and Magnesium. It delivers vitamins to your body through your veins.

Nurture Your Social Relationships

Maintaining your social relationships is not just good for healthy relationships but also for your mental peace, emotional well-being, and physical health. Some studies proved that people who maintain social relationships live longer and healthier lives than those who do not.

Additionally, spending one-on-one time with a close friend and a cup of tea could be all you need at the end of a tiring day. It will help release your stress levels and make you feel comforted and cared for.

Increase Your Protein Intake

Consuming more protein can reduce your cravings, according to some health studies. Eating an egg at breakfast can give you enough energy to begin your day. It also provides your body with the required energy to work out. Therefore, while you must not eat a meal before a workout, eating a protein bar can prepare you for exercise.

Make protein the main component of your diet plan. However, this does not mean ignoring other nutrients. Make it 35% of your total calorie intake in a day. Combining these with fibrous foods will make you feel fuller with less consumption.

Healthy protein options include low-fat dairy, nuts, beans, fish, or lean meat.


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle corresponds to staying sober, being emotionally intelligent, reducing your screen time, and increasing your physical activities. Additionally, consuming gut-boosting items will effectively protect you from illnesses. Avoid bright lights for a good night’s sleep.

Moreover, include supplements to cover nutrient deficiencies. Nurture your relationships and increase your protein intake.

Following these tips will help ensure your sound health and help you maintain an active and balanced lifestyle, which is essential for leading a good life.

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