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Ebanie Bridges: Bio, Age, Fight, Next Fight, Boyfriend

Intro of Ebanie Bridges

Ebanie Bridges is a famous Australian female professional boxer who has become one of the most famous names in women’s boxing since 2020. Her striking looks and becoming the IBF female bantamweight champion since 2022 have made her a legit boxer which many did ask for as they believed that she did have a little boxing skill and due to her popularity, she did get the chance to fight for the world title twice one in 2021 and once in 2022.

However, her amazing growth in the backend of 2021 and 2022 did leave many in surprise and now she has become one of the leading female boxers. And she does earn very well for her boxing fights, which are backed by a lot of her fans, and OnlyFans where she does like to post some of her hottest pictures. It has made Ebanie a famous name that has broken all the boundaries in her ability to make an impact. Now she has many partnerships with brands in the United Kingdom and Australia mostly.

She is backed by the OnlyFans also and hence, during the fight week weigh-in, one can see her promoting the adult social media platform. It has indeed helped her to become financially stronger. As she became a Leeds United fan in 2020 late, she does like to fight under Josh Warrington, who is a mega boxer from Leeds, undercard as chef support. She does have her biggest fanbase in the cities of Leeds and Liverpool. Many do call her one of the most attractive female boxers of all time. This is a reason she does manage to sell huge tickets. Even weigh-in becomes an event as many men do only come to watch her beautiful body and they do cheer her out very loud. After her weigh-in, almost every boxing media channel on social does post videos and pictures as it does big numbers. The global lockdown due to COVID back in 2020 allowed fans to know more about Ebanie and it made her famous all over the world and mostly in the United Kingdom despite she is from Australia.

Ebanie Bridges Biography

Ebanie Bridges is the IBF female bantamweight champion. Her nickname is “Blonde Bomber”. She has taken this nickname due to these reasons. First of all, she is Blonde. Second of all, she does punch hard as a boxer and last but not least, Ebanie is a good-looking model alike a boxer, so she calls her hotness a Bomber. She is also known for her OnlyFans profile, where she has a big number of subscribers.

Ebanie is also know known as a fan of Leeds United Football Club of the English Premier League.

The Australian professional boxer was born on 22 September 1986 in Sydney, Australia. As a professional boxer, she does compete in the Bantamweight division. Her nationality is Australian and her zodiac sign is Virgo. She follows the Christian religion. Before becoming a full-time professional boxer in 2022, she had worked as a maths teacher and mechanical engineer also. Not just forget that, Ebanie had won many bodies building competitions also.

Ebanie Bridges Physical Features

Ebanie Bridges is a very good-looking boxer. Many do call her a model. But her height is not like normal models. She stands for 5 feet and 2 inches tall. She competes in the Bantamweight division. This is why she weighs around 52 kgs mostly.  She does have 34 inches of breasts, 27 inches of waist, and 36 inches of hips. She does carry blonde hair and dark brown eyes. Her feet size is 6 (US).

She is a huge tattoo fan and has put so many tattoos on her body. Both of her hands do have so many tattoos. Even her legs are filled with tattoos of various kinds. On her tummy, she has an OnlyFans tattoo where she has made the logo of OnlyFans and has written her user name @ebaniebridges. Before turning a boxer in her 30s, she took part in many bodybuilding competitions and hence, it did see her having six packs and abs. Even now gymming is a part of her life that she does take care of very well.

Ebanie Bridges Family

Ebanie Bridges is the youngest of three siblings. Her twins’ siblings are six minutes elder than her. She did grow up with them in the Toongabbie suburb of Greater Western Sydney. Despite being so famous, she has not shared the names of her parents. Out of all the siblings, she was the most creative one. Hence, it led her to learn the art of sketching at a very young age. Hence, now one can see her making good sketches. She did like to spend with her grandparents a lot while growing up. Ebanie sees her father as a big hero in her life. She likes how open-minded she is.  

Ebanie Bridges Education

Ebanie Bridges was the kind of student who was good in academics and extraciliary. During her school days, she did take part in school events a lot. Due to her open-minded personality, she was very famous during those days also. She does have a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. Bridges did earn it when she started to box as an amateur.

It did help her to earn a minor degree in Physical Education at Western Sydney University. It did push me to get a Master’s degree in Teaching. Not many know that but do know to speak English, Portuguese and Spanish. During her early days, she became a black belt in Karate. Even at school, she was very good at maths.      

Ebanie Bridges Life Before Boxing

Ebanie Bridges had done a lot of work in different professions before becoming a star boxer in early 2021. At a very young age, she did start work as a mechanical engineer, where she did learn how to repair cars. And at the same time, she did take part in bodybuilding competitions.

She did win so many awards in the field and kind of reached the highest level in just two to four years. Even now she does like to promote females who are loving the art of bodybuilding. She feels that females should also get the same money and respect in the field as men do get, which she did speak from time to time and mostly in 2020. She did become a teacher also when learning the basics of maths. It did lead her to join Airds High School. It did also see her getting work placement at Mount Annan High School. When she became the world champion in 2022, her students were very proud to see their teacher becoming the champion. She was an independent girl right from the age of 18 Bridges does not from a royal or rich family, she had to work hard to make life better with time.  

Ebanie Bridges: Career – Boxing and Others

Ebanie Bridges did not have a huge amateur carer in boxing as she did start to learn boxing very late in her late 20s. It did see her winning 26 fights and losing four out of 30 She did fight all these fights from 2016 to 2018 while working as a maths teacher. In 2016 and 2017, Ebanie did win National Golden Gloves titles and state championship titles. From the start, she did compete in the bantamweight division. However, the lack of competition in Australia did not help her to make an impact at best.

Fight Journey

  • As she did have limited time, Ebanie turned professional on 8 Feb 2019. She did beat Mahiecka Pareno. It was a three-rounder where she did win by majority decision. Her debut venue was Hordern Pavilion, Sydney, Australia.
  • On 12 Oct 2019, Ebanie did fight her second pro fight and it was against Laura Woods. She won by TKO in the third round out of four. This time she did fight at Club Punchbowl, Sydney, Australia.
  • Her third professional fight came against Kanittha Ninthim at Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Brisbane, Australia. Here she won in the second round out of four by TKO.
  • However, her first major move came on 8 Feb 2020. When she made her US debut at Hammond Civic Center, Hammond, Indiana, U.S. It was her first six-rounder where she did beat Crystal Hoy by unanimous decision.
  • As COVID did stop the boxing around the world, she got her next chance and fought Carol Earl for the vacant ANBF Australasian female super-bantamweight title. The fight happened on 13 Mar 2021 at Bankstown City Paceway, Sydney, Australia.
  • In 2021, she did sign for Matchroom Boxing. At that time, many did think that she does not how attracted by her looks and not her boxing. It did lead her to get the chance to fight Shannon Courtenay for the vacant WBA female bantamweight title at the Copper Box Arena, in London, England. It was her first 10-round fight. The fight happened on 10 Apr 2021. She did lose the fight and ended her unbeaten run. Shannon swallowed her eye from an unnatural headbutt and it made her vision close from her left eye. Hence, she was not able to fight well in later rounds and lost the fight. Her beef with   Shannon was high and hence, it did see the fight becoming the talk of the town the in the UK, the US and around the world. Fans did say that they were not ready for a world-title flight back then. But it was a great fight and since then, fans started to put respect on the name of both of the fighters who were raw at that time. Even she did get a very short time to prepare for the fight and hence, it did not allow her to give her level best.
  • She then made her comeback on 7 Aug 2021 against Bec Connolly and it was a third-round TKO at Matchroom Headquarters, Brentwood, England. It did help her to again come to the top.
  • Her next fight happened a month later on 4 Sep 2021 against Mailys Gangloff where she won on points in eight rounds. The fight did happen at Emerald Headingley Stadium, Leeds, England. As she became a Leeds United fan, her promoter Eddie Hearn felt that it is good for her to fight in front of her fans.
  • Her big fight came against María Cecilia Román, who is a female boxing legend. She did beat her in a 10-round contest on 26 Mar 2022. The fight happened at First Direct Arena, Leeds, England. It did make her the IBF female bantamweight champion.
  • Her first title defence came against Shannon O’Connell where she did beat her in the 8th round out of 10 at First Direct Arena, Leeds, England on 10 Dec 2022.
  • Now she does want to unify the title and become undisputed in the bantamweight division.
Ebanie Bridges
Good-looking Ebanie Bridges

Ebanie Bridges is not just a skilled boxer but is a good self-promoter. Many do say that she is the best female promoter as a boxer ever. From doing interviews to creating headlines, it did help her to make an impact to the level people do give 2000 pounds also to have her used socks or underwear. There are many people who are mad at her and there to pay a lot of money for getting her clothes or having dinner with her. This does allow her to get a lot of sponsors in the UK and Australia.

She did see her training done by two to three trainers before. After her first loss, she went to Mark Tibbs who is a top-British trainer. She did join her gym and when she won the world title,   Mark felt very proud as Ebanie was her first female boxer and he helped her to become a world champion. Both do share a great bond. Mark has said that Ebanie is a very hard-working boxer who is the soul of his gym.

It was Ebanie who did introduce Elle Brooke, a famous Internet personality to learn boxing and fight against other famous personalities. Hence, it has helped Ebanie to make her profile even better. She once shot a famous series of posts with Elle Brook for OnlyFans in 2022. Both do back each other during their fight week. It has made good friends with stable mates Johnny Fisher and other boxers under the Tibbs. She feels that Tibbs are her family and it has made her even a better boxer.

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Social Media

Ebanie Bridges is a mega fan on social media. She has over 736K followers on Instagram. One can contact her at allan@amgsportsmanagement.com for business-related quires. She doe likes to share her professional and personal life on social media. On Insta, one can see her creative sketches, her love for Leeds United, talking to fans, enjoying food, travelling into fight weeks, OnlyFans promotion, promoting products and doing many other things.

She is very much popular on Twitter with 325.6K Followers. She only follows 68 people on Twitter as it is her 68 club. She did join Twitter on May 2010. Ebanie is vocal a lot on Twitter. Her fame is huge on Facebook. She is very much popular on YouTube. Her videos of a weigh-in where she wears hot bikinis are very famous. Hence, she does get a lot of views on YouTube and even now mainstream media do talk a lot about her.

Ebanie Bridges
Social media star Ebanie Bridges

Net Worth

Ebanie Bridges has a net worth of USD 1.1 million as of 2023. She has earned this big money from her sponsors, fighting as a boxer and OnlyFans. Her fans do spend a fortune to see her images and videos on OnlyFans. Even on her website, the fans like to buy her products. She has now started to do a lot of charity work. It has helped her to become stable in life. She is now very rich and it has happened with her moving to the UK and starting boxing. Now she does have one Mercedes car and a collection of 20 luxury bags.

Ebanie Bridges OnlyFans

Ebanie Bridges joined OnlyFans in 2022. She did speak about joining the platform in 2021. However, after Michelle Joy Phelps, a famous boxing reporter and her near and dear friend joined OnlyFans, it did push her also to make a move as Michelle did start to her earn a lot from it and it did see her also making an impact.

One can see her never seen pictures and videos on OnlyFans. She does charge around $29.99 /month for a subscription and for more exclusive packs of images, her fans have to pay more for more exclusive videos, she does send personal chats on OnlyFans when they pay a lot of money like 100 USD or more.

She is the most followed boxer on OnlyFans and her friendship with Elle Brook has also made her famous. Even OnlyFans pay her for promotion. She has an OnlyFans tattoo in late 2022. It did check a lot of attractions. However, some of the boxing fans feel that it is not good for her to be on OnlyFans as it does set bad examples. But she feels that only those who want to pay money can see her exclusive content and hence, it is not a bad thing to do. She has implanted silicon on her breast and it does make them attractive to many. There are many who do want to marry her. Many do even search for the OnlyFans leak of Ebanie Bridges on the internet.


Ebanie Bridges did have a boyfriend. However, after working hard in boxing and leaving Australia for working in the UK, she did break up with her boyfriend from Australia in 2022. Ebanie’s OnlyFans can be one such reason behind it. But she is now taking care of her boxing career, so it kind of does not allow her to make a boyfriend. She of 2023, Ebanie Bridges in signal.

Had she made one, Ebanie would have shared it with her fans. She has had over 10 boyfriends in her life. But Ebanie has married yet. She does not have any kids in her life. She has so many lovers that Ebanie can make a rich boyfriend quickly. But she has some different plans as of now. She does flirt with her fans on OnlyFans, so maybe there is no need for a partner now.


Q Who is Ebanie Bridges?

Ebanie Bridges is an Australian professional boxer, OnlyFans star, former maths teacher, ex-body builder and former mechanical engineer also. She is the current IBF female bantamweight champion.

Q How old is Ebanie Bridges?

Ebanie Bridges was born on 22 September 1986 in Sydney, Australia. It means she is 36 years old.

Q Is Ebanie Bridges married?

Ebanie Bridges is not married yet. She is the signal of 2023.

Q Does ebony Bridges have OnlyFans?

Yes, ebony Bridges does have OnlyFans and she has a huge number of subscribers there. Her username is @ebaniebridges.

Q When was Ebanie Bridges last fight?

Ebanie Bridges did fight for the last time against Shannon O’Connell on 10 Dec 2022 at First Direct Arena, Leeds, England. She did TKO in the 8th round and retired her IBF female bantamweight title. It was her first title defence.

Q Who is the female boxer on OnlyFans?

There are some female boxers on OnlyFans. Ebanie Bridges is the most famous on the list. Her friend and fellow boxer Avril Mathie is on OnlyFans. Mikaela Mayer is also on OnlyFans. And two of the most good-looking boxing reporters, Michelle Phelps and Adriana Jimenez of Fino Boxing are also on OnlyFans. Even her friend, Elle Brooke, who does now box is also on OnlyFans.

Q What weight class is Ebanie Bridges?

Ebanie Bridges does mostly fight in the bantamweight and super bantamweight division. She is the current IBF female bantamweight champion.

Some facts to know about Ebanie Bridges

  • Ebanie Bridges kikes to sketch, hang out with friends and take to her fans the most.
  • Pink and black are her top two favourite colours.
  • Ebanie became a football fan in 2021 and Leeds United are her beloved club.
  • A sponsor save Ebanie a Rolex watch back in 2022.
  • She came the IBF world title holder in 2021.
  • Ebanie has her permanent base in Sydney, Australia. But now she lives in Essex, UK.
  • Ebanie came on OnlyFans for the first time in 2022.
  • She is great friends with Elle Brook, trainer Mark Tibbs, Johnny Fisher, Eddie Hearn, Michelle Phelps, Mikaela Mayer, Melt PR and many others.
  • Ebanie is one of the most followed female boxers ever.
  • Once a fan paid 2000 pounds to have her socks.
  • She trains with Mark Tibbs at his gym in Essex, UK.
  • Ebanie is famous for her weigh-in also.
  • She does know how to drive a car.
  • Ebanie does not smoke at all.
  • She does drink alcohol.
  • Ebanie is a huge fan of come forward style of boxing.
  • She did sign with Matchroom Boxing Promotion in 2021.
  • Ebanie fights on DAZN.
  • She does know how to swim.
  • Ebanie likes beaches more than snowy places.


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