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Cost of Living in Tacoma, Wa

If you want to make Tacoma, Wa, your home, there are a few things you would like to know before doing that. Things like how much it will cost to rent an apartment in Tacoma, Wa, how the real estate market is doing if you plan on buying a property there, whether you can live on the amount left after paying tax, etc.

You might think it will take a long time for you to obtain all the answers to the questions you might have, but that will not be the case. Do you want to know the cost of living in Tacoma, Wa? This article is for you.

This article will tell you the estimated cost you will spend on things like housing, transportation, power, food, waste removal, healthcare insurance, and other expenses while living in Tacoma to get an idea of the living cost in Tacoma, Washington.

Let’s dive in!


Housing is the no1 thing on the list of things you will use to check the cost of living in Tacoma, Wa. Renting a regular two-bedroom apartment in Tacoma, Washington, will cost a minimum of $1,000, with prices higher in places like Hilltop. Likewise, buying a house in Tacoma, Wa, costs $220,000 averagely. Like other areas, buying a house in Tacoma, Wa, instead of renting an apartment is better if you can afford it.

Regular groceries

In Tacoma, Wa, groceries are generally cheap for most items, even though most items cost slightly higher compared to other parts of the state. In Tacoma, Washington, 1 lb of steak costs $12.50. A regular 1/2 gallon of milk costs $2.42. 1 dozen eggs cost $1.85, and potatoes cost $2.82 for a 5-pound bag.

The price for 1 loaf of bread is $4.04. If you love beer, you will spend $9.97 on a 6-pack of Heineken. The mobile phone bill estimate cost in Tacoma, Wa, is $188.10 while the regular price of gas is $3.14 per gallon. If you want to see a movie, you will spend $13.13 for a first-run movie ticket.

Medical health insurance 

In Tacoma, Washington, various categories of health insurance are available, depending on the size of your income. For instance,  a typical silver-grade plan for health insurance in the state’s system will cost roughly $300 per month or $3,600 per year for someone earning close to the average yearly salary benchmark.


Tacoma Power, a branch of Tacoma Public Utilities, caters for the electricity needs of Tacoma, Wa, residents. A standard residential property in Tacoma, Wa, spends roughly  $128 on electricity monthly. However, this amount may lean toward $200 during the colder months when the heater is operating. During summer, when you can let the wind establish the ideal temperature in your home, the electricity costs usually come down to $100 or less.


In Tacoma, meals at fast food establishments and eateries competing with them can cost between $9 to $10. A few of these restaurants will give you the impression that you’re receiving an excellent bargain because of the food’s high caliber and affordable price. There are also more expensive restaurants where you can easily spend $25 or more per plate.


The typical home in Tacoma, Wa, with a connection to the urban sewer system, pays $32.77 monthly for water from the Tacoma Public Utilities. However, prices might peak at $45 if you stay on the outskirts.


In Tacoma, Wa, there are different public transportation price tags for adults, the aged, and children. Adult bus fares are $2 each per journey and $5 for a day ticket, while children, the aged, and those with disabilities can travel for 75 cents per trip or $2.50 for a whole-day pass.

Waste Removal

Based on the size of the trash can and quantity of the garbage, removing trash from homes in Tacoma, Washington, might cost between $20 and $120 per month. Meanwhile, recycling and food/yard waste collection are free.

What is the tax rate in Tacoma, Wa?

Tacoma, Wa, is one of the seven states in the US that doesn’t collect personal income tax.

Below are the tax rates for Tacoma, Wa, residents:

Property Tax

Property tax in Tacoma is 1.210%. The Washington property tax rate is 1.031%, while 1.081% is the national property tax rate.

Sales Tax

Washington does not collect a state income tax, although its sales tax percentages are higher than the national average. Tacoma Wa’s sales tax rate is 10.2%. Within the 10.2% total sales tax, 6.5% is the Washington State sales tax rate, sales tax in Tacoma is 0.9%, while 2.8% is the Pierce County sales tax rate.

Note: The figures mentioned in this article are what is obtainable as at the time of writing this article. They are subject to change.

Final Words

This article has explained the estimates of various service costs in Tacoma, Wa. Considering housing, commodities, services, utilities, etc., Tacoma, Wa, is 5% to 10% higher than the US national average, so it’s slightly costly to live in. Although, if you earn up to the average annual salary, you will live comfortably.

Contact Tacoma moving services when you are ready to relocate to Tacoma, Washington. When moving to Tacoma, Wa, hiring them is worthwhile, and you will get the value equivalent for your money.


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