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Best beaches in Paphos for vacation

Paphos is a picturesque resort city located in the southwest of Cyprus. Among tourists, Paphos enjoys immense popularity due to its beautiful views, unique historical landmarks, comfortable hotels, and restaurants with delicious local dishes.

Special attention should be given to the beaches in Paphos and its surroundings. Here, you can find vast areas for relaxation with a wide range of entertainment options, as well as secluded and very atmospheric beaches surrounded by wild nature. We present to you a list of the best beaches in Paphos and its suburbs!

  • Coral Bay is perhaps one of the most famous, beautiful, and popular beaches among both tourists and local residents. Here, you can enjoy the turquoise sea, soft sand, and activities for every taste: water skiing, banana boat rides, diving, or snorkeling. There are many restaurants, bars, comfortable apartments, and hotels in the area. However, keep in mind that it can get crowded during the high season, and the water entry in some places is quite steep, so be cautious, especially if you are vacationing with children.
  • Coralia Beach is separated from Coral Bay by a rocky cape. It is slightly less popular than Coral Bay but is also considered one of the best beaches in Paphos. Coralia is also covered with soft sand, and the water here is crystal clear. The beach is equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay, such as sun loungers, umbrellas, toilets, and showers. During the daytime, there is a lifeguard tower in operation, which is also important for safe swimming.
  • Lachi Beach is located on the northwest coast of Cyprus. It may take you less than an hour to get here if you take advantage of car rental in Paphos. The beach is situated in a picturesque bay with stunning views of the sea and mountains, and it is covered with fine pebbles. If you enjoy diving or snorkeling, be sure to visit Lachi. There is also a local port nearby where you can embark on a colorful boat trip.
  • Aphrodite’s Beach, also known as Petra Tou Romiou or Beach of the Giants, is a very popular beach located not far from Lachi. Warm water, breathtaking nature, and huge rocks on the shore give this beach a mysterious and even mystical atmosphere, as it is associated with many legends. There are several bars and restaurants nearby that serve authentic local cuisine.
  • Lighthouse Beach is located on the southern coast of Paphos, not far from the eponymous lighthouse in the old part of the city, Lighthouse Beach is a relatively small beach, offering fewer entertainment options, but a much cozier atmosphere. So if you want to relax, sunbathe, and swim in a more secluded setting, be sure to visit this beach.
  • Rikkos Beach is located a few kilometers southeast of Paphos. Getting there is easy: cars in Paphos can be rented on the website and be on the spacious sandy beach of Rikkos in just 15 minutes. The infrastructure here is well-developed: you can rent lounge chairs with umbrellas, and access to showers and toilets on the beach is free. There are cozy cafes and bars operating here, and there is also a free parking lot near the beach, which will be a pleasant bonus for those who use car rental in Paphos.
  • Paradise Beach is a small and cozy beach located north of Paphos. You will really enjoy this place if you love wild beaches away from civilization. It’s not easy to reach here as the beach is surrounded by cliffs, but the views are simply breathtaking! There are rarely many people here, so if you visit outside peak hours, you will definitely be able to take plenty of magnificent photos against the backdrop of untouched Cypriot nature.

How to find the time to see all the beaches in Paphos

In Paphos and its surroundings, there are many locations that beach lovers should visit. Each of these places is special in its own way, so it’s best to try to see as many local beaches as possible. Some simple but effective tips will help with that.

  1. Carefully plan your route. When traveling to Cyprus, it’s worth finding out in advance about all the popular and beautiful beaches in Paphos and its suburbs. Make a list of the beaches you definitely plan to visit and evenly distribute activities for each day. We advise you to not only learn about the beaches but also about nearby attractions because Cyprus has many interesting locations with a rich history.
  1. Rent a car. It’s the best way to visit all the local beaches. You can use car rental in Paphos. The procedure here is very simple: cars in Paphos can be rented on the website or through a mobile app of a car rental service. You just need to specify the rental dates and the desired car model, and then pick up the car from a pre-selected location. This service will be much cheaper than taking a taxi and will save you a lot of time. For example, a trip from Paphos to Lichi Beach on a rented car can take less than an hour, while using public transportation would require about 2-3 hours, considering schedules, stops, and transfers.
  1. Don’t fall behind schedule. Keep track of time and stick to the pre-planned itinerary if you want to visit as many beaches in Paphos as possible. Always try to leave early in the morning to see several picturesque beaches in one day. Also, keep in mind that some local beaches close after sunset, so don’t linger at one location for too long.
  1. Take your time at each beach. However, don’t treat the trip like a marathon: allocate time to enjoy the scenery, sunbathe, and have fun at each beach. Explore the surroundings because near Paphos beaches, you can often find beautiful parks, interesting museums, and unique attractions.
  1. Follow safety rules. Remember that not all beaches are equally safe: some of them may have steep entries into the water, so caution should be exercised. Additionally, there may be rocks on the seabed, so be vigilant, especially if you’re vacationing with children or elderly family members. And of course, under no circumstances should you swim in prohibited areas or venture far from the shore.

But the main rule of travel is to always enjoy your vacation! Pay attention to details, admire beautiful sunsets, try unfamiliar dishes, make an effort to make new friends, and cherish every moment. If you plan your itinerary wisely, rent a car, and follow simple safety rules, your beach holiday in Paphos will be unforgettable!

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