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Circadian rhythm disorder – All you need to know

Are you having trouble falling asleep or your sleep cycle is not smooth? You may be suffering from a Circadian rhythm sleep disorder. A Circadian rhythm sleep disorder is a medical problem that disrupts a human’s sleep cycle. You may find it difficult to fall asleep, or waking up during your sleep cycles, or fall back asleep after waking up in the middle of the night. And even after trying methods, sleeping peacefully has become a challenge for you, you should visit a doctor. Let us know in brief more about circadian rhythm Glendale sleep disorder:

What is Circadian rhythm sleep disorder?

Circadian rhythm sleep disorder is a group of sleep disorders that disrupts your sleep cycle. Many factors can trigger this sleep disorder, but it has treatments to help you resume your peaceful sleep clock. Common symptoms can be taking time in falling asleep or waking up too early or inconsistent sleep, i.e., sleeping and waking up throughout the night. 

What causes Circadian rhythm sleep disorder?

Circadian rhythm sleep disorder can be caused due to continuous irregular sleep patterns. For instance, if you are jet lagged, i.e., in a different time zone, or your working shift has changed and adapting to the new sleep cycle has become difficult, or brain damage due to stroke.

How is Circadian rhythm sleep disorder treated?

Every type of sleep disorder has different treatments. But commonly Circadian rhythm sleep disorder can be treated by lifestyle and behavior enhancement therapy, bright light therapy, medications and chronotherapy. When you visit your doctor they will learn some pieces of information and then diagnose what type of treatment will help you better. 

Improper sleep can be the root cause of many health troubles, especially related to your brain health. Proper sleep is essential for your body to function properly. And if anything has resulted in a sleep disorder, you should take precautions to resume it or visit a doctor for treatment. If not taken care of in time, it can become a continuous sleep disorder pattern in your life. Thus, prioritize your sleep to prevent affecting your quality of life and maintain a good and healthy body. And if you still face any issues, don’t worry, there are professionals to help you out. 


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