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Chandan Shetty: Bio, Age, Life, Wiki, Career, Net Worth

Chandan Shetty is a famous Indian composer, lyricist, and pop singer. He is most famous for working in the Kannada film industry. He is also famous for winning the fifth season of Bigg Boss Kannada. It is the main reason behind his getting pan India fame. But it is YouTube that has made Chandan famous around the world.

This does tell a lot about Chandan and the impact he has made in different ways. He has judged many shows for Colors Super like Master Dancer, Kannada Kogile, Kannada Kogile 2, and Kannada Kogile Super Season 3. It is the reason that makes Chandan a personality who is worth knowing.

Chandan Shetty Biography

He is a well-known Indian composer who is known for participating in the fifth season of Big Boss. Chandan was born on 17 September 1989 in Shantigrama, Hassan, Karnataka, India. As of 2023, Chandan Shetty age is 33 years old. It makes Virgo the zodiac sign of Chandan. His nationality is Indian. He is a Hindu and his ancestry comes from Bunt (community).

He married Niveditha Gowda in 2020. She is now also known as Niveditha Shetty. Her husband Chandan did win the fifth season of Big Boss and it did make her famous around the world. It has even given him the platform where he is working in films and also gives a touch to the music industry. But he does call himself a composer, lyricist, and pop singer who works as a filmmaker also. But most of his work can be seen in the Kannada industry. It does make his pan-Indian reach.

Chandan Shetty

Chandan Shetty Early Life

Chandan was born in Shanthigrama. He did grow up around the village mostly. During his younger days, Chandan did like to play cricket and football. He did like to watch cricket, reality singing, and dancing shows and watch WWE the most. Chandan liked to watch Hollywood movies a lot while growing up. Chandan did like Mahesh Babu the most while growing up. From Bollywood, Chandan was and is a fan of Salman Khan. Talking about the music, Chandan did like Linkin Park rock band the most. The band did become the most reason behind becoming a famous singer. At the age of 9, Chandan did see he can become a singer and the platform of Big Boss did help him a lot later.   

Chandan Shetty Physical Stats

Indian singer Chandan is a young handsome man. Chandan Shetty height is 5 feet and 9 inches or 1.75 m tall.  Chandan does have typical natural brown skin, hair, and eyes. He does not do the gym regularly – but most of the time Chandan stays fit and has been stopped fit. Shetty likes to keep his beard. He has not made any tattoos and has not done any cosmetic surgeries yet unlike many actors and singers.

Taking about fitness he said: “I do like yoga more than gym as it does heal you better and make things better.

Chandan Shetty Professional Career

Chandan is a well-known composer, lyricist, and pop singer. He is known for working in the Kannada films. But the world knows him for taking part in the fifth season of Big Boss and it did see him winning the show. He did play the season very well and was loved by the fans and it did see him winning the season back in 2018. In a way, it did see his romance with then-girlfriend Niveditha Gowda. It was also the key reason behind winning the show. But it was the world of singing that did help him to make an impact. In 2012, he did come into the music industry as a lyricist and assistant music director. Alemaari’s movie did allow him to start his career.

He is known for working the movies like Varadanayaka, Power, Chakravyuha, and Bhajarangi. However, his work did make a bad impression back in August 2020. He did come up with Kolumande Jangamadeva. Hence, many did say that it did not work at the image of Malemadeshwara Swamy well. Did lead the company to remove the song from YouTube. During Dasara back in 2019 did see Chandan purposing reality TV star Niveditha Gowda. It did happen at the Yuva Dasara stage. But many did not like it as he did it at a cultural event. But other than that, his work has been loved by the people mostly.

Chandan Shetty

Chandan Shetty’s Family

Chandan comes from a very small village named Shanthigrama. It comes in Hassan district in Karnataka, India. His father Paramesh Shetty is a businessman and Prema Shetty is a homemaker. He grew up with a brother named Puneethraj Shetty but Chandan does not have any sisters. He grew up in a family of four and did live in the roots of an Indian, village.

Taking about his family Chandan said: “I feel blessed to grow up in a family, where you do learn what is like to be an Indian coming from the roots and this is the biggest gift my family has given to me.”

Chandan did like to spend time with his mother the most when he was growing up.

Chandan Shetty

Chandan Shetty Education

Indian singer Chandan Shetty is known for studying at St. Philomena College, Puttur, Karnataka. He did go to Rotary School for getting a basic education, where mostly he did like to take part in activities extraciliary. But Chandan did like to study academics also. Hence, Chandan was a very loved student while growing up. It did help to balance things out very well. Chandan did like maths and science the most. He was a very shy kind of student in front of girls. Hence, he did not have major problems with relationships as girls did respect his behavior a lot.

Chandan Shetty’s Marriage

Chandan did marry actress Niveditha Gowda on February 26, 2020, in Mysuru. It was a marriage that did see many stars of the South becoming a part of the wedding. Both Chandan and Niveditha did fall in love in the fifth season of Bigg Boss Kannada, which happened in 2017.

They did date for two years before marrying in February 2020. Now one can see both making reels and sharing golden moments with each other. This does tell a lot about Chandan and how much he loves Niveditha. They have become one of the rare Big Boss couples who have taken their love to the level they are not married. Niveditha, who is a famous South actress, is now also known as Shetty also. They have welcomed any children yet.

Chandan Shetty

Chandan Shetty On Social Media  

Chandan Shetty is a popular face on social media. He did have over 1 million subscribers on YouTube and he did manage to make 1 million subs inside 50 videos, which is a lot in many ways. He has over 1.1 million followers on Instagram. It does show a lot about the impact Chandan has made and the great number of followers he has. Mostly, people do follow him for his music. On Spotify, his songs are very famous. He is very much active on social media. From making cool reels to singing, Chandan does everything on social media to entertain his fans.

Chandan Shetty Net Worth

Chandan Shetty net worth is USD 3 million, around ₹24 Crore as of 2023. He is a very rich man who has luxury cars and a house. Even his wife earns very well, so overall it makes the family earn good sums. The way their career of Chandan is going, one can feel that he has done a great job to become a rich person. It does lead him to help 4 NGOs in South India. Hence, it does allow Chandan to help children who do not have basic needs for getting an education. It does show how much he loves to share his wealth with others.


Q What is the net worth of Chandan Gowda?

Niveditha Gowda and Chandan Shetty have a combined net worth of USD 4 million or 32 INR cr.

Q What is the age of Chandan Shetty?

As of 2023, Chandan Shetty is 33 years of age having been born on 17 September 1989.

Q When did Chandan Shetty’s marry?

Chandan did marry his love from Big Boss season 5 Niveditha Gowda on 25 February 2020.

Q What is the net worth of Chandan Gowda?

Chandan Shetty has a net worth of USD 3 million as of 2023.

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