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Casino Dealers: Who Are They, And What Are Their Roles?

UFA100 is the country’s largest union of casino workers, comprised of over 150,000 members working in nine different casinos across Ontario. There are many kinds of workers in casinos, and each has specific roles and responsibilities to uphold.

This guide will provide some answers to these questions and others to help you better understand casino dealers and their roles.

Casino Dealers: Who Are They?

Casino Dealers are a special breed of individual who works in the casino industry. They are typically employees of casino companies, and their jobs vary greatly depending on the casino they work for. Some dealers work at the front desk, while others may be behind the scenes in accounting or marketing. Regardless of their position, all casino dealers must be able to handle themselves with poise and professionalism.

What Do Casino Dealers Do?

Most casino dealers play an essential role in the casino experience by helping guests find what they’re looking for and directing them to the right place. They also track player totals and ensure all payments are processed correctly. In some cases, dealers may help players pick new games or get started on old ones.  

What Kind of Training Do They Need?

Since every dealer’s job is different, most receive thorough training that covers everything from customer service to money handling. You’ll likely need at least two years of experience working at a gaming establishment to be hired as a dealer.  

How Much Do Casino Dealers Make?

Casino dealers are a big part of the casino industry. They are responsible for helping players make decisions about their game and helping to run the casino floor. They also work to keep the casino running smoothly by keeping track of player funds and ensuring that all rules are followed.

Casino dealers typically make between $08 and $10 an hour. That varies depending on where they work, how experienced they are, and other factors.

One-On-One with a Casino Dealer

Casino dealers are the people who help players make the most of their time at the casino. They are responsible for assisting players in identifying game options and advising them on how to play each. They are also responsible for handling money, cards and other gaming materials. 

Dealers work in a specific casino area, such as roulette or blackjack. Some dealers may also be able to help you with card games like poker or craps. 

While dealers are usually busy dealing with customers, they’re also trained to notice potential problems or cheating. If they see something suspicious, they’ll let a casino supervisor know to take appropriate action. 

In general, dealers are highly respected members of the casino community. They often have many years of experience and are well-respected by customers and other employees.


Casino dealers are essential employees in any casino. They are responsible for helping players make the most of their time at the casino, and they play a significant role in providing entertainment and excitement for players. In this article, we will take a look at what casino dealers do, who hires them, and what their roles are within the casino.

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