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Betting on sports in India

The betting line is a list of bets that a bookmaker’s office offers on a particular sporting event. The line in sports betting can include bets on various outcomes, bets on statistics, as well as additional betting slots.

Each bet is accompanied by a certain odds, which determines the potential winnings.  If you are looking for the best site for sports betting, our site offers you a wide line of bets with high odds. 

Types of bets

Outcome Betting

The most popular bet is on the outcome of the match: “1” or “P1” – the victory of the first opponent. In soccer or hockey, the first number is the home team. “2” or “P2” – the victory of the second opponent, or the visiting team. “X” – a bet on a draw. It is important to consider the specifics of the chosen sport, as well as the rules of the site for sports betting.  In most cases, a draw is used as a safety measure.

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Bets on major outcomes can be combined. Such combined bets are made into a line with double outcomes.  “1X” – a bet on the victory of the first team or a draw. “2X” – a bet on the victory of the second team or a draw.

Handicap betting

This type of betting on sports games is necessary to equalize the chances of opponents, in which one of them is the clear leader. A handicap on the favorite will have a negative value, and on the outsider a positive value.

If the first team is the favorite, the handicap line will look like this: “F1 (-2)” and “F2 (+2)”. Handicap sports betting allows customers to bet on more favorable conditions.

Total bets

Total is a bet on the score of the match: the number of goals scored, sets won and so on. The number of totals can be more or less than a certain number offered by a sports betting site.

The line is displayed as “TB 5.0” and “TM 5.0”. The value of the total depends on the sport and the level of the opponents.

Additional odds

The additional bets are different for each sport and have absolutely different appearance in different sports bookmaker offices. As a rule, they include bets of the following types: “score/no score”, “odd/even”, “time/match” and many others.

In some sports, it is possible to bet on whether a goal will be scored in the first or second half, on the exact score, on the time frame in which the last goal will be scored. The best online sports betting sites can provide you with a huge selection of additional bets.

Betting on Statistics

These are bets made on statistics such as the number of yellow cards, penalties, corner kicks, etc.

This type of sports betting will be of great interest to those players who like to analyze statistics. Such bets allow you to diversify the game in a bookmaker’s office and make it more interesting.

How the line is formed

A few days before the game event, analysts begin to assess the strength of the teams, study the available information and make a preliminary line

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