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6 Best Indoor Plants Ideas For Home Décor

Indoor plants are good not only for decorating homes but also for your health. There are varieties of plants that can be used as a home décor because they can grow in low light. Different indoor plants have different properties like air-purifying, toxins removal, and medicinal use. Keeping plants in your room gives it a calming and harmonious vibe.

Listed below is the round-up of some useful indoor plants which you can consider buying. The best part is now you can have your desired plants at your doorsteps in any location through online purchasing.

1] Anthurium

Anthurium is a heart-shaped houseplant that requires bright and indirect lights. They can also survive in places where light conditions are low. Keeping them near the window is ideal because they need to be kept away from direct sunlight. Taking care of these plants is easy as they do not require much effort. Anthurium has a bright red flower that makes your room look beautiful and showy. 

2] Peace Lily

The Peace Lily can purify the air, which makes it a great houseplant. It is an ideal plant for home and office because it doesn’t require a lot of time and effort to take care of. Peace Lilies have dark green leaves and white flowers that make them look gorgeous. These plants can grow in low or bright but indirect sunlight. Keeping this plant in the corner of an empty room can bring it to life.

3] ZZ Plant

If you have a busy life and your schedule is all packed, but you love plants, then the ZZ plant is the one you might want to keep. The water requirement of the plant is shallow as compared to any other plants, so there’s no need to worry if you forget to water them. Keep them on the window sill or in an area where it receives enough sunlight.

4] Succulents

Succulents can survive in dry conditions, which makes them the best indoor plant. It is the most common plant that can be found in almost every house. These plants are the representatives of loyalty and endurance. You can give this plant to your loved ones as a gift. If they are living in another city, you can order these plants for them online too. Various sites sell and deliver indoor plants online in Bangalore, Karnataka, Mumbai, Pune, etc. 

5] String Of Pearls

You can not only put plants on the floor but also can hang them. Sow some strings of pearl in a round pot and hang them on the balcony or window or in the kitchen where there is enough supply of bright, indirect light. It is a low-maintenance plant and needs enough water that keeps the soil moist. This plant grows quicker than the others, and it looks beautiful when the leaf strings hang out of the pot.  

6] Aloe Vera Plant 

Another plant that is commonly found in almost every home is Aloe Vera Plant. This plant is super-efficient to grow as it needs to be watered only once a week. Use a tall pot to keep the aloe vera leaves off the table. You can make the gel from the leaves and use them to apply to the face or hair to keep them moisturized.


You can buy any of the above-mentioned indoor plants for yourself as well as for gifting on various occasions. Apart from these plants, you can consider getting snake plants, spider plants, rubber plants, ferns, etc., for your house. You can not only browse through your nearest nurseries but also try purchasing from online plant-selling sites. They deliver your ordered goods on time without damaging the plants. 

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