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5 Tips for Dealing with Herniated Discs

Although the spine supports your frame, it is susceptible to trauma injuries, diseases, and issues with nerve endings. The spine has bones connected by ligaments and soft tissues, making it extremely flexible; moreover, it hosts several nerves connecting the brain to the body organs Herniated Discs. Unfortunately, you might develop herniated spine discs due to poor posture or traumatic accidents. Your doctor will recommend tests. If your spine is tender or when you are experiencing chronic back pain. However, the orthopedic doctor will consider a neurological exam as herniated discs result in nerve pain reflexes and the inability to walk. Here are tips for dealing with herniated discs. Orthopedic surgeons can help with back & spine pain is to understanding the different specialties they focus on.

Heat Therapy

Heat therapy can alleviate the pain which results from herniated discs. Heat therapy alternates using heat and ice to deal with the pain. For instance, you can place a hot pack on the back, but you should use a barrier to avoid burns on the skin. The heat increases the blood flow to the spine as it dilates the blood vessels in the area, removing toxins and energy supply and improving healing. On the other hand, the cold pack will numb the spinal region reducing inflammation and pain.

Avoid Sleeping For an Extended Time

Although most people prefer to rest when experiencing pain, extended rest affects spine health. The pain might worsen if you use a soft mattress as it is not ergonomic. Thus, you should use a firm mattress that supports the spine and avoid staying in bed all the time.

Resume Exercises Slowly

If the herniated discs result from an accident, you can improve the condition by engaging in physical activity. However, you may need to rest after a traumatic accident to foster healing and promote better spinal health. Intense physical activity can worsen back pain, and you can resume exercises slowly. Orthopedic doctors might work with physical therapists to formulate the right exercises which improve herniated discs.

Opt For Epidural Injections

Sometimes the back pain might affect your social life, making it challenging to concentrate at work and school. Thus, you may consider a nerve-blocking epidural injection that reduces the neck pain’s intensity. The doctor will administer the epidural injection directly at the painful areas to numb the pain. Thus you might engage in everyday activities after an epidural injection as it increases the range of motion in the spinal area. However, you may avoid getting the epidural injection frequently as it damages the ligaments and muscles at the back.


Although surgery will be the last resort when dealing with chronic back pain, it corrects the budging of the spinal discs and reduces the pressure on the nerves. Thus surgery restores the function of the spine and eliminates back pain.

Herniated discs occur when the discs on the spinal cord budge due to traumatic accidents or infections such as arthritis. Herniated discs exert pressure on the nerves in the spine leading to chronic pain, which is difficult to treat. Thus, the orthopedic doctor will inspect the back for tenderness and recommend X-rays to determine if you have herniated discs. Home remedies like heat therapy might reduce swelling and inflammation, and pain. Finally, medical interventions such as epidural injection and surgery might improve herniated discs.

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