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What are The Benefits of the NeoGraft Hair Restoration Process?

NeoGraft Hair Restoration transplant procedures have been around for decades as a hair restoration treatment. But traditional techniques can cause scarring and damage hair follicles. Fortunately, technological innovations are enhancing the procedure to eliminate risks. Here is an outline of what to expect from the cutting-edge Lakewood Ranch support & consultation NeoGraft hair loss treatment.

NeoGraft hair restoration

A hair transplant involves transferring hair follicles from healthy areas to balding areas of the scalp. Advancements in hair restoration technologies have unveiled two primary techniques for hair transp. They include Follicle Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicle Unit Excision (FUE).

NeoGraft employs the FUE technique, which extracts units of hair follicles in small groups. On the other hand, the FUT process removes a strip of hair from the back of the head to the balding areas. One of the benefits of FUE is its less invasive process that results in a shorter downtime.

NeoGraft is an advanced form of FUE that partially automates the process. The procedure utilizes a pneumatic device to extract follicles accurately. The donor site on the scalp does not leave scars and can heal within a week.

NeoGraft benefits over conventional methods

Compared to FUE and FUT techniques.NeoGraft has a lower risk of follicle damage. The automated device extracts each follicle individually to reduce errors that could affect hair regrowth. It also minimizes nerve injuries, which are prevalent with the FUT process.

Conventional FUE procedures require high precision when extracting the hair graft. Human error can render some tissues useless after the transplantation.

But NeoGraft’s automated technique is more accurate and improves the outcomes of the hair loss treatment. An application determines the transfer and implantation site to ensure optimal results after the procedure.

The pneumatic device uses suction to remove the hair grafts from the back of your scalp rather than excision. That means there is virtually no risk of scarring the scalp. Therefore, NeoGraft results in less discomfort than traditional techniques.

The conventional FUE procedure may involve extracting more than 3,000 grafts from the scalps. Automating the process reduces the time needed to remove the donor hair follicles. The NeoGraft process may take four to 10 hours, while FUE requires 12 hours to several days to complete.

Are you an ideal candidate?

The NeoGraft process can help restore hair for adults with baldness. But it is advisable to undergo the procedure from age 25 onwards. People in their early 20s may continue losing hair after the treatment. That may make the results look uneven and unnatural.

Your provider will conduct tests to determine if you have high blood pressure or other conditions that may affect results. The procedure is not suitable for cases where baldness occurs due to stress or prescription medication.

Your hair’s thickness and color are other factors your cosmetic surgeon will consider before recommending NeoGraft. The color of your hair should match your skin’s color for the best results. Discussing your expectations with your provider is essential for matching your expectations with the final result.

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