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5 Reasons Why You Pay For Premium Cable

Premium cable has long been a source of frustration for consumers. With prices going through the roof and channel packages becoming increasingly bloated, it’s a wonder why anyone would still pay for cable in this day and age. But as you’ll soon learn, there are many reasons why people continue to subscribe to premium cable services:


So, you’re paying for a premium cable package. That’s great! But how many of the reasons above are actually worth it?

Well, let’s see. You know that movies are the most expensive part of your cable package. And you also know that there are other ways to watch movies—for free on streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video (unless you have a Hulu Live TV subscription) or for money on digital platforms like iTunes and Google Play Movies & TV (or other services). But sometimes, nothing beats the experience of watching a movie on DVD or Blu-ray with all its special features intact—not even high-resolution streaming video from an HDR-capable device!

Older Shows

If you’re a fan of shows like Game of Thrones or The Shield—and let’s be honest, who isn’t?—you’re probably wondering why you need to pay for cable when there are so many ways to watch them online. Well, the answer is simple: convenience. Cable allows you to watch your favorite shows whenever and however you want by streaming them live or on-demand through the app on your TV, phone or tablet. It also allows for high-definition playback that’s perfect for watching older shows in their original resolution.

Original Series

One of the reasons people pay for premium cable is to watch shows that aren’t available on regular cable. Most of these shows are original series, like Game of Thrones and Stranger Things. Some are spin-offs, like Better Call Saul (from Breaking Bad). Others are not based on any existing media; they’re just great shows in their own right.


Watching sports is an integral part of the cable, and you’re not going to find a lot of competition in this area. According to the experts at DIRECTV, “If you want to watch your favorite professional teams play, then you’ll likely have to subscribe to a cable package that includes the channels that air those games.”

However, there are other options available for cord-cutters who still want access to sports content. You could try getting one of those antennas and watching local games on channels like ABC or NBC; however, the major networks usually only broadcast national games, and you might not be able to catch all your favorite team’s away games with an antenna alone.

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Special Events

There are a number of events that are only available on premium TV channels, even if you have a regular cable subscription. This can include things like the Oscars and other awards programs, as well as sports events that aren’t shown on basic cable.

The bottom line is that you pay for premium cable because it’s worth it. It’s not just about watching a movie or TV show. It’s about the experience of watching a movie or TV show on your own terms, in your home with no interruption, and surrounded by people who love what they do.

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