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4 Common Ways to Prepare For Your Cognitive Testing

Cognition is the process of effectively perceiving and judging reality. Cognitive testing Atlanta is intended to determine whether you may have any problems with cognition also referred to as cognitive impairment. Passing a cognitive test might be stressful, but you can perform well with proper preparation and revision. Here are four tips to assist you in preparing for a cognitive test:

1. Practice with various tests

Numerous publishers have cognitive ability tests, such as SHL and Revelian. Although the overall idea is similar, the structure, layout, and way you must answer the questions might change. Practicing with various tests helps you get more familiar with the differences and exposes you to different question types.

2. Concentrate on your weaknesses

Although it may be tempting to answer the questions that are easier for you, for the greatest results, you should be able to do well over the whole test. This means that you should concentrate on the most difficult questions so you can put in the effort to answer more questions properly.

3. Make errors and learn from them

The goal of practice is to become acquainted with the tests, but you also have the flexibility to make mistakes to learn from them. Certain aspects of the evaluation are more difficult than others, and you will discover this as you practice. Practice tests are the ideal place for mistakes and may help you devise a revision strategy to be aware of the actual test.

4. Practice under exam conditions

Cognitive ability questions are relatively easy, but the test conditions (particularly time constraints) can make them considerably more challenging. Make your practice time count by establishing time limits and circumstances. You will have a limited amount of time to respond to each question.

Furthermore, some individuals prefer to assign a specific amount of time for each question, whereas others prefer to answer as quickly as possible and then return to the most difficult ones. Neither is necessarily superior to the other, but make sure you have a strategy.

What is mild cognitive impairment?

Cognitive impairment means you have an issue with cognition (processing thoughts). Mild cognitive impairment indicates you have a problem with mental function, but it’s not serious enough to impact your daily functioning. Indicators of mild cognitive impairment include:

  • Repeating questions.
  • Frequently misplacing things.
  • Having trouble coming up with the desired words.
  • Losing your concentration.
  • Forgetting appointments or scheduled events.
  • Difficulty understanding is written or verbal information.

Taking a cognitive test and learning the outcomes may be stressful, particularly if your score is low. However, knowing your score is only the beginning of the process. You’ll need additional testing to learn more. Many causes of cognitive impairment are treatable and reversible. If more testing reveals evidence of mild cognitive impairment or early dementia, therapy can begin.

It also provides you and your family time to understand what to anticipate in the years ahead and plan for future requirements. Your medical team is there to help — to give support and information, alter your therapy or explore new options available through clinical trials. Call Psychiatric Consultants of Atlanta or book your meeting online to learn more about cognitive testing and if it is ideal for you.

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