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When Would You Need SI Joint Surgery?

The sacroiliac joint or SI joint is a type of joint in the pelvis that lies between the sacrum and iliac spine, which are large bones occupying the upper and lower part of the pelvic cavity. Its main function is to join two larger bones together, called diaphragms and may have additional functions such as stabilizing ligaments around joints or preventing dislocation. 

San Bernardino SI joint surgery is usually recommended by medical experts for patients with chronic joint pain and functional limitations in the lower extremities. This surgery is getting increasingly used as a treatment option for patients with chronic conditions like arthritis and painful bowel syndrome. 

Here are some common reasons for SI joint surgery.

  1. Arthritis

The most common cause of painful sacroiliac joints is arthritis. Arthritis in the sacroiliac joint is common among people aged 50 or above. It is usually caused by the wear and tear of old age or prolonged use. The pain associated with arthritis may be severe and cause unbearable pain for the patient, affecting normal activities.

  1. Scoliosis

Another common cause, especially among children, is scoliosis. Scoliosis is a type of spinal deformity where the spine has a sideways curve. The odd curvature of the spine will affect the area lying between the diaphragms, which is the sacroiliac joint. The onset of scoliosis in children may not be painful, but once it develops into adulthood it could lead to discomfort and pain in this area.

  1. Sports injuries

Sports injuries are another common cause of pain in the sacroiliac joint. Joint injuries that occur in sports like wrestling, football, and soccer are the most frequent causes of sacroiliac joint problems. Most of these injuries occur when a force is applied to the joint while it is undergoing a certain directional movement.

  1. Ligament sprains

SI joint problems can also be a result of sprain or strain in the ligaments around the joint. These injuries cause pain both in the sacroiliac joint and a few inches below it. Ligament sprains are a common cause of pain around the SI joint among gymnasts and other sportsmen.

  1. Traumatic injury

Many injuries occur as a result of a car accident or road accident, and will also hurt the SI joints. The effects of traumatic injuries may be short-term and mild, but sometimes they may cause chronic pains over time. Other injuries which will affect the sacroiliac joint include severe fractures, very deep wounds, and even gunshot wounds.


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