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Things you might not know about Facebook

The foundation of Facebook occurred 10 years ago. Now, it has gained 2+ billion users on Facebook. As a result, many people are familiar with the amazing Facebook network and how it works. 

Business dealers use the platform, but it is a great source for teachers, parents, and teenagers. They can get a careful review of their account and make the settings according to their desires. 

There are hidden tools to buy Facebook likes that are the best for the users to use for accurately maintaining their profile. Many changes come on Facebook due to updates in the software that people cannot miss. 

From privacy to story settings can be done on Facebook easily by people. Do you know about the privacy stuff about Facebook? Consider the information given below –

  • Hidden Friend List

The first option you might not be aware of on Facebook is hiding the friend list. Yes, this option is pretty convenient for those who do not want to share their information with all of their friends. 

They can limit the information per their requirements by managing their Facebook profiles. This option is available in their profile in the friend’s section, which helps them to set up their account privately. Go to the profile, click on the friend’s option, and finally select the edit privacy to get one done.

  • Stop Auto-play option

The following convenient factor is to stop auto-play videos. Sometimes you are not in the attitude to listen to the random videos available on Facebook. It is in your hands how to manage your Facebook account. Go for the auto-play settings to turn on and off the stuff easily. If you want to do then follow the simple steps given below –

  1. Visit the Facebook settings.
  2. Click the option of videos available on the left menu 
  3. Click on the auto-play videos and finally select off.
  4. With this, you can think simply of the auto-play videos.
  • Examine your profile appearance 

Some people are very excited to check on others’ phones and how their profile appears. Do you also one of them? This is not a startling fact because everyone has their distinct opinions. 

If you want to examine your profile, there is no need to pick up your friend’s phone to check. It can be done on your device by using simple steps. Just go to your profile and click on the cover image. There will be the option that is the view as. Click on it in the menu and examine how your profile appears to the public.

  • Add Trusted Contacts

There is a long family and a list of friends on Facebook. Nowadays, hardly any people don’t have an account on Facebook. It helps them to keep in contact with their known easily. But when it comes to the desire of specific people, they cannot trust their contacts easily. 

As some of them are responsible for harming their mental peace of life. If this is the case in your life, you can simply check your account and add only trusted contacts. This will manage who the person to contact you and send you a request is. This is done by setting up the security code, which helps only special people access your account. Isn’t it an intelligent way?

  • Live Video Streaming 

Another best option for Facebook includes live video streaming. Earlier, there was a specific period that people could add to the video. They restrict people from adding such stuff, which is having the extended time to play. 

This is the basic requirement for the people who manage their business on Facebook. If You are an influencer, it gives you a good time to explain your stuff in the video.

  • Manage who can request you 

Facebook gives people one of the interesting features in their hands to manage their friend requests. Facebook is a platform that includes billions of people using it. If you don’t love the strangers coming and requesting you, you can restrict them from doing so. They will not message you and request you to the next time. 

Also, this option is helpful for young children who have just started using Facebook. This is because they can manage their previous year’s account on Facebook. This can be done in easy steps like going to your profile’s account settings and then selecting privacy. Finally, select the option of who can send your request.

  • Privacy Checkup Option

Some people or very much concerned about their privacy. Facebook has the real option for those people to safeguard their information and post. They can easily restrict some of the people they don’t want to check. However, buy FB likes approaches others. 

The previous checkup is one of the valuable tools on Facebook, which gives the owner power to hide the post from their friends. They can list who can view their profile and who does not. If you want to use such great features on the Facebook, like privacy checkup, follow the two important steps such as –

  1. Click on the padlock icon on the Facebook page.
  2. There is the option to choose the privacy checkup.


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